Twitter suspension forced by the Nigerian government comes into effect

Lagos – Millions of Nigerians lost access to Twitter on Saturday after the government shut down the microblogging platform in Nigeria indefinitely.

The Nigerian Association of Authorized Telecommunications Carriers said in a statement that its members had suspended access to Twitter as directed by the government.

The Nigerian government announced on Friday that it would suspend Twitter indefinitely in Africa’s most populous country.

Information and Culture Minister Lai Mohammed said Friday that government officials had decided to suspend Twitter. Because the platform was used for “activities that could undermine the existence of Nigerian companies.”

Mohammed criticized Twitter for deleting the post, saying “Twitter’s mission in Nigeria is very doubtful,” adding that Twitter had ignored instigated tweets against the Nigerian government in the past.


Twitter deleted Buhari’s post on Wednesday after the president threatened to abusive suspected Southeastern militants.

The civil war between 1967 and 1970 killed more than one million people. The civil war broke out when Southeastern separatists tried to establish an independent Biafra for the Igbo. The Fulani Buhari were on the other side of the war with the Igbo.

In recent months, Biafra-supporting separatists have been accused of attacking police and government buildings, and Buhari retaliated and vowed to “treat them in words they understand.”

The government’s decision to suspend Twitter has been widely criticized. Amnesty International said it accused the Nigerian government of suspending social media, which Nigerians use widely to exercise human rights such as freedom of expression and access to information.

“We call on Nigerian authorities to immediately withdraw other plans to illegally suspend operations, deceive the media, suppress civilian space and violate the human rights of Nigerians,” Amnesty International said in a statement. T.


The US delegation of Nigeria said the Nigerian Constitution provides for freedom of expression.

“The government’s recent #Twitterban undermines the Nigerian ability to exercise this basic freedom and sends a poor message to citizens, investors and businesses. It bans social media and all citizens Curbing the ability to seek, receive and communicate information undermines fundamental freedoms, “he said in a statement.

Twitter said it was deeply concerned about the government’s actions that “the free and open Internet is an essential human right in modern society.”

Nigeria has an estimated 40 million Twitter users. Many young people are finding ways to circumvent this ban by using virtual private network (VPN) apps to access social media platforms.

However, Federal Attorney General and Justice Minister Aboubakar Malami has warned that anyone who opposes the government’s ban on Twitter will be prosecuted.


In the meantime, the government has ordered all OTT and social media businesses in the country to license, which uses media and communications services such as WhatApp, Netflix, and Facebook that use data provided by Internet service providers. Indicates that you want to limit.

Many Nigerians are afraid that President Buhari is planning an aggressive attack on free speech, as he was at the top of the military junta in 1984.

At that time, he promulgated a military order, closed the media house, and empowered journalists to imprison articles that the government deemed unfavorable.

Mr. Buhari, who came to power as the elected president in 2015, has faced many criticisms on social media about the poor performance of the government.

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Twitter suspension forced by the Nigerian government comes into effect

Source link Twitter suspension forced by the Nigerian government comes into effect

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