Trump tears reporters and RINO to make 2020 a Lithomas test

Donald Trump is suddenly making as much news as his embarrassed successor.

While Joe Biden suffers from the border crisis, Covid’s conundrum, and Democratic paralysis, Trump is rebuilding the Republican Party in an unimaginable way after elections and the Capitol riots.

He returns to blaming the media every day, but more importantly, he’s trying to redefine someone who can be considered a Republican in an increasingly narrower way. Therefore, he cannot be dismissed as a distraction. He was the unquestionable leader of the Republican Party and was able to run well in 2024.

Perhaps the biggest dilemma, especially for the press, is this. What if a real-life version of Trump conflicts with objective and verifiable facts? And that no longer means fighting the final war, but a continuous investigation of efforts to overturn what the former president has described as a fraudulent election without evidence.

The Arizona audit, commissioned by the Republican Party and partially funded by Trump’s allies, was a disaster by reasonable standards for Donald. It showed that Biden actually beat the state, as state officials had maintained-in fact, he should have had 99 more votes and Trump 261 less.

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In the process, Cyber ​​Samurai’s Friday report (a costume with no previous election experience) raised many hypothetical questions. For clarity, there was no document that individual people committed fraud because Biden won the state with more than 10,000 votes.

Instead, the ninja could have counted duplicate votes, the mail ballot could have come from the wrong address, some people could have voted in multiple counties, and 282 people. The voter said he may have died. But it’s all about potential problems.

For example, an audit found several voters of the same name who were born in the same year, but did not confirm their date of birth. Therefore, it is quite possible that these were people with common names.

Still, Trump said the findings were “very shameful reports” by “virtually all mainstream media sources” and named “illegal” outlets such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, and CNN. Stated.

Mr. Trump said he “winned” the audit and called for the revocation of the Arizona elections. He quoted the report’s hypothesis as a fact, stating that many votes were “not physically cast,” nine times the number needed to overturn the results.

When I reported on the audit, I was personally attacked on Twitter as ridiculous, prejudiced, and liar by many Trump fans, even though anyone could read the report online. rice field. These supporters just repeat his claim. If he says he won, he won-just as they believe the entire election was stolen (new reports are some of the more barbaric claims that the Trump campaign itself is about fraudulent voting machines. Although it indicates that he personally revealed it).

Trump has long ago revealed that he would retaliate against Republicans who supported impeachment, such as Liz Cheney, and that is to some extent hardball politics. He extended it to George W. Bush, who is currently raising funds for the Vice President’s daughter. And that’s not surprising, as Trump opposed the Bush-Iraq War in 2016.

What impressed me was that Trump called Bush RINO. Insulting Republicans were ridiculed as moderates of squeeze and were only thrown at poorly conservatives.

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But how can the former Republican President, the son of the former President, be called RINO, even if he ran as a compassionate conservative? Isn’t Bush a microcosm of the establishment of the Republican Party?

Trump now says he is founding. That’s how he constantly attacks Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell helped him achieve significant tax cuts and a group of right-wing judges, but held Trump accountable in the aftermath of January 6.

Phoenix, Arizona-July 24: Former US President Donald Trump is preparing to speak at the “Rally to Defend the Elections” conference in Phoenix, Arizona on July 24, 2021. The Phoenix-based political organization Turning Point Action has welcomed former President Donald Trump alongside GOP Arizona, who has begun running for a government-elected role. (Photo by Brandon Bell / Getty Images)
(Brandon Bell / Getty Images)

Trump is now blaming two conservatives, Lindsey Graham and Mike Leigh, who were among his closest Senate allies. reason? Bob Woodward-Robert Costa’s book explains that he is not convinced of the fraudulent election debate by Rudy Giuliani and other Trump lawyers, and Graham describes them as “third grade”. bottom.

“Linsey and Mike should be ashamed that they didn’t fight the fight they needed to win,” Trump said in a reporter’s statement. “RINO will fight the Republican Party harder than the Democratic Party.”

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Therefore, the new definition is clear. RINO is a Republican who considers Trump not loyal enough. It has little to do with ideology-Trump did not run or govern as a small-c conservative. He wants to wipe out the critics’ party and replace them with a deep blue Trumpian.

That may happen. Some Republican veterans are retiring instead of running again. Others will be knocked off in the primary. And that’s why many mainstream Republicans want to avoid the wrath of the party’s most powerful forces and try not to get involved in fraudulent election claims.

Trump tears reporters and RINO to make 2020 a Lithomas test

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