Trump supporters flock to the State Capitol across the United States.Partial evacuation | Voice of America

Santa Fe, New Mexico-On Wednesday, supporters of President Donald Trump gathered outside the State Capitol from Georgia to New Mexico, some officials evacuated, and Trump-supporting mobs evacuated the US Capitol. The attack caused cheers in several demonstrations.

Hundreds of people gathered in state capitals across the country to oppose President-elect Joe Biden’s victory and waved a sign saying “Stop stealing” and “Four years left.” Most of them did not wear masks in the coronavirus pandemic, and some had guns in places like Oklahoma, Georgia, Arizona, and Washington.

In states like Ohio and California, there have been some cases of journalists and rebels being sprayed with pepper or beaten. However, most demonstrations were peaceful, some were very small, and few arrests were reported.

Police in New Mexico evacuated staff as a precautionary measure from the State Capitol, including the Governor’s Office and the Secretary of State, shortly after hundreds of flag-waving supporters arrived in caravans and horses.

The demonstrators sang God Bless AmericaBiden won the vote in New Mexico by about 11%, although he honked and erroneously announced on his megaphone that Trump was the legitimate election winner.

“It’s the first time in US history that a change of power has been delayed by violence,” said Democratic Chairman Brian Egolf. “It’s a shameful moment and I hope Congress will recover soon.” “

A fierce protest took place in Washington as Congress tried to confirm the victory of Biden’s electoral college. The news that the mob violated the US Capitol was cheered by armed protesters marching at the Phoenix Capitol and several men cheering in anti-Trump protests in Minnesota and Arizona displaying guillotines.

Supporters of President Donald Trump will confront the riot police gathered at the Capitol in Salem, Oregon on January 6, 2021.

Georgia’s Secretary of State and his staff evacuated from the Capitol office because about 100 protesters had gathered outside and some were armed with long guns.

Republican Secretary of State Brad Rafence and his team have decided to resign, according to Gabriel Sterling, chief executive of Rafence Purger’s office.

“When we saw something happening at the Georgia Capitol Museum, we said we shouldn’t be around here and shouldn’t be sparks,” Sterling told The Associated Press.

Trump has focused much of his anger on Rafence in the weeks following losing about 12,000 votes.

Republican Governor Brian Kemp has accused the attack on the US Capitol as “shameful and honestly non-American.” Mr Kemp said he has extended an executive order to rejuvenate the National Guard from protests during the summer in case it needs to be protected on Monday, when the session begins.

In Washington, protesters broke through the gates of the governor’s mansion, and dozens of people gathered on the lawn. Partially armed crowds repeated unfounded claims of election fraud. The state patrol is being addressed by authorities, and Governor Jay Inslee said, “And his family is in a safe place.”

Demonstrators are raising US and Trump campaign flags during protests outside Honolulu's Hawaii State Capitol ...
Supporters of President Donald Trump are raising the US and Trump campaign flags while protesting outside the Hawaii State Capitol in Honolulu on January 6, 2021.

Earlier, dozens of people gathered in the State Capitol and demanded a recount of the US presidential election and the Washington Governor’s election, where Democratic Inslee won more than 500,000 votes. The State Capitol has been closed to the public for almost a year due to a pandemic.

In Utah, hundreds of people gathered in Salt Lake City, so Governor Spencercox’s staff returned home and Deputy Governor Daedra Henderson tweeted. Salt Lake Tribune Photographer Rick Eagan said he was cursed by wearing a mask while filming a video of the protest and received a pepper spray from the demonstrators who pushed him in. It was not immediately clear if anyone was arrested.

At least one was arrested at Salem’s Oregon Legislature on suspicion of harassment and chaotic behavior as police in riot-control equipment attempted to leave people (mostly armed).

The video showed that protesters and rebels clashed and riot police came in. But by noon, only dozens remained, with the American and Trump flags hanging in the rain.

In Topeka, Kansas, the chanting “Stop stealing” and “No more masks” diminished at the end of the rally, and Trump supporters peacefully submitted it to the State Capitol via security checkpoints, historic. I paraded around the exhibits.

In Honolulu, about 100 protesters lined up on the road outside the State Capitol, waving the American and Trump 2020 flags on passing cars. Cheryl Beerer, a retiree from the Blue States, said he came out to “support the president and support the integrity of the election.”

Trump supporters honked the State Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin, on Wednesday for several hours in cars and trucks adorned with Trump and the US flag.

In Colorado, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock ordered city officials to close the building after hundreds of people gathered in front of the Capitol to protest the election results.

In South Carolina, protesters in support of Trump came to the Capitol, but left before the US Capitol was defeated.

Trump supporters flock to the State Capitol across the United States.Partial evacuation | Voice of America

Source link Trump supporters flock to the State Capitol across the United States.Partial evacuation | Voice of America

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