Truck lines along the border affect product sales

SAN ANTONIO – Nando Gonzalez, with River City Produce in San Antonio, said everything is normal, at least for now.

What You Need to Know

  • Trucks that usually take a few hours to bring produce from the Rio Grande Valley to San Antonio take days
  • River City Produce offers products to restaurants and stores throughout the state of Texas
  • Nando Gonzalez said they are still receiving shipments from Mexico, it is just a delayed process at the moment

“We’re seeing a couple of hiccups. They’re truck delays because they’re waiting at the border. Trucks that normally waited a couple of hours wait a couple of days. So there’s some frustration about that,” Gonzalez said.

River City Produce sells everything from restaurants to shops. They ship throughout the state of Texas.

“Is this coming in one of the trucks in the Valley?” Gonzalez asked.

He showed us some pallets of the products they received this morning from the Rio Grande Valley.

“They got into one of the trucks in the Valley, one of ours. There are things that cross. It’s only taking a little longer, “Gonzalez said.

Due to the delay, the product takes longer to reach its customers.

“It simply came to our notice then. Peppers are coming from Mexico. So there is a lot of product. I keep coming back to her. It’s a man-made subject, “said Gonzalez.

He said they have seen different border issues in the past.

“This is different. It’s unexplored territory, so we say, ‘Come on, guys, fix it.’

He said he sees the problems on both sides and knows the government will do what it needs to make sure they inspect everything properly. With so many perishable products on the trucks at the border, Gonzalez said he hopes the problem will be resolved soon.

“I think there will be a quick resolution. There has to be. If it becomes something much longer, then we will have some problems,” Gonzalez said.

Truck lines along the border affect product sales

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