Tricks to Manage Stress, Like a CBD Tincture Discover the Benefits of CBD Oil for the Mind and Body

By David Baker      September, 2021

How often do you feel overwhelmed by everyday stress? It is nothing new, as literally millions can relate to the pressures of work, family, politics and bad drivers. Perhaps there are no pressuring issues whatsoever. Regardless, you still find yourself experiencing trouble relaxing. Sleeping through the night becomes an issue, which doesn’t do your precious energy level any good the next day. You experience trouble concentrating at work and even your memory skills seem to have gone out the window. Addictive prescriptions are never the answer. At least you can turn to a few safe and reliable techniques, including CBD tincture oil, to enjoy a peace of mind.

1     Just CBD Oil Tincture

Sure, everybody loves delicious gummy bears, but the best CBD tincture oil works even faster to help people chill out. In as little as 15 minutes, tasty hemp oil can have you feeling calm and cool. A consumer gets to choose from a variety of sizes, from 50mg containers all the way up to 1000mg, 3000mg and even 5000mg jars. They are extremely convenient, as folks can carry around the tincture oil in their purses and pockets. Keep it stashed in the drawer at your desk, if not on your nightstand. One drop will do the trick. Simply tilt your head back and let it drop under your tongue. Swallow it right away or let it dangle in your mouth for a minute. Some people even place the CBD oil into their coffee, tea or pie. In other words, enjoying potent CBD oil is a piece of cake. True connoisseurs also love the power behind full spectrum CBD tinctures, as they are made with more than a hundred different compounds to loosen up a person’s whole system.

2     Write in a Journal

How often have you instinctively blurted something out loud that you immediately wished you could take back? It happens to the best of us when we lose our cool. That’s why writing out your frustrations can be a wonderful technique. Whether it’s in a diary, on a notepad, on your laptop or the back of a napkin, writing is a fantastic tool to release pent up feelings. Get creative and don’t worry about grammatical rules or what anyone else would think. Your journal can be exactly that: Yours. That means its written for your eyes only. So feel free to say something to that cute guy or tell your boss where he can go. When you go back and read it later, you’ll be thankful that you never shared those harsh feelings out loud. Your relationship and your job may depend on it.

3     Spend Time with a Pet

A dog is supposed to be a man’s best friend. But the same aspect also relays to women, as well as other pets. Whether you prefer a 125 pound golden retriever licking your face, a small feline stretching across your torso or even a ball python wrapped around your neck, pets help individuals manage stress. Spill your guts to Marley and get all of that pent up frustration off of your chest. Meanwhile, blood pressure is known to decrease, along with the risk of cardiac arrest. Taking little Athena on a run can be beneficial for one’s mental and physical wellbeing too.

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