Trevon, Stefon Diggs share words from separate camps

By David Helman
FOX Sports Dallas Cowboys Writer

OXNAD, California — Fortunately, the upgrade is over.

Next time the Cowboys take on the training field, it will be a full load of soft training camp training. For now, they are entering their first day off with one last look in shorts and a T-shirt.

With the team out on Sunday, here are some Saturday observations to make over the weekend:

Sibling rivalry

Technology is a very beautiful thing. How else can we get involved in fraternal trash talk from opposite sides of this country?

Trevon Diggs appeared on the NFL Network Saturday afternoon during final practice in California. While he was at it, he said that if the Cowboys managed to play the Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl, he would hold his brother, Bills receiver Stefon Diggs, with zero catches.

Camp Bills takes place in Pittsford, NY, but the excellent NFL Network crew stationed there manages to ask older Diggs his opinion. Before he could answer, Bills quarterback Josh Allen did it for him.

“Ten for 160, two [touchdowns],” said Allen.

The Cowboys and Bills definitely have a lot of Super Bowl history, with Dallas taking its last two championships at the expense of Buffalo. I would happily watch a third go-around just for this fight.

Starting something

The Cowboys currently don’t have an established kicker situation, but the competition doesn’t feel urgent yet. Veteran kicker Lirim Hajrullahu and rookie Jonathan Garibay both hit the field during Saturday’s special team period, but this is the most work we’ve seen them do to date.

Perhaps most kicks will come with cushioning, when offensive and defensive lines can better simulate real environments. Because Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy said he intends to feature both kickers this month.

“It’s a lot more rep count, just making sure both guys have a real chance,” McCarthy said. “I think the biggest change you’ll see is probably in volume.”

Both guys got some solid volume on Saturday. Hajrullahu had the better day, connecting seven of eight shots, with the only miss coming from 47 yards. Garibay has been less consistent, taking only four of his eight shots, with most of his errors coming from distance. It may not be connected, but one of its glitches is at least entertaining, as it bounces off the lights of the set used for filming the live NFL Network rehearsal.

Youth Movement

The Secondary Cowboys had a great start to boot camp. Anthony Brown is easily one of the stars of the show so far, and both Trevon Diggs and Jourdan Lewis have played their part.

Saturday was a chance for some of the younger DBs to get into the action. The Cowboys did a lot of work near the red zone, allowing a foul on the goal line from the 25-yard line. Through a few dozen reps, two young draft picks, DaRon Bland and Nahshon Wright, managed to make a few plays on the ball, qualifying with three breaks between them.

“[Bland] jumps really good, he’s in the playbook very good,” said Brown. “He doesn’t talk much, but he’s always focused and always on point. Nahshon was nearly intercepted today. Hope he will come down with it.”

There were years in Cowboys boot camp when it felt like the Cowboys had no proven playmaker among their entire high school. With youngsters playing behind a proven group of starters, it’s odd to think that this group might be a real force off the roster.

Ready to run

The linebacker is one of the most difficult positions to evaluate during a non-padded workout, given the level of physique required. What is not difficult to judge is Jabril Cox’s speed and instinct, as he was able to race all over the court this week.

For others? So what, that’s life in the NFL. But it’s a big move for Cox, who ripped his ACL last Halloween and missed the entire offseason program during his rehab. It’s not uncommon to see a man returning from ACL surgery relaxing in the first week of training camp, but that’s not the story for a second year draft pick out from LSU.

“I take it personally to get back healthy and get ready for boot camp,” Cox said. “I knew during the offseason I had to work hard to get ahead of schedule.”

There’s still a long way to go, but Cox definitely looks like the guy who attacked his rehab. If he attacks his chances in the same way it could mean a lot to this midfield unit.

David Helman covers the Dallas Cowboys for FOX Sports, providing daily insight and analysis of the NFL’s most visible franchises. Prior to joining FOX, David spent nine seasons covering the Cowboys for the team’s official website, In 2018, he won a regional Emmy for his role in producing “Dak Prescott: A Family Reunion” about quarterback time in the State of Mississippi.

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Trevon, Stefon Diggs share words from separate camps

Source link Trevon, Stefon Diggs share words from separate camps

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