Travel + Leisure debuts online booking and subscription membership

Travel + Leisure Club is a new subscription travel booking and concierge service.

Travel + Leisure Group / Travel + Leisure Co., Ltd.

From private jet clubs to theme park memberships, subscription services are becoming more and more available for vacations and other leisure trips.

For example, the internet sites TripAdvisor and Scott’s Cheap Flight are both free in the base version, but this year they are each rolling out premium membership plans that offer additional perks and access to special prices.

Travel + Leisure Co., which currently owns about 20 resorts, travel clubs and lifestyle travel brands, has a new online Travel + Leisure Club associated with its signature Travel + Leisure magazine editorial content. Insist on space.

According to Noah, President of Travel + Leisure Group, all readers will be able to book trips to the destinations listed in the publication through the new free Travel + Leisure GO platform, but club members , Take advantage of premium benefits such as special itineraries and priority prices and benefits. Brodski.

“One of the things I’ve heard many times from editors, subscribers and advertisers when I acquired the Travel + Leisure brand in January is that all of this great content doesn’t have a” Book Now “button. Was strange. It’s done, “he said, noting that the former Wyndham Destination (now Travel + Leisure) had acquired the brand from Meredith Corporation in a $ 100 million deal.

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“And we launched a subscription travel club, which gives us some great travel + leisure content, special itineraries, editor-inspired travel, as well as exceptional priority prices and perks. You can access it, “added Brodsky.

He said subscription services have become a trend in all industries, thanks to the content and value that models provide to consumers.

“That’s what we’re betting on here. Its Travel + Leisure is a brand that can be the strongest player in the field of travel subscriptions,” says Brodsky.

After a 30-day free trial period, membership costs $ 9.95 per month with a special referral fee. The price will eventually rise to $ 19.95, according to a spokeswoman, but there was no time frame for the price increase at the time of the press.

According to the company, subscribers get an average of 25% off retail prices at hotels and resorts, with member-only prices such as car rental and activities. Inventory consists of over 600,000 properties, over 345,000 activity options, and products and services from all major car rental companies and dozens of major airlines.

Members have also subscribed to Travel + Leisure Magazine and Concierge Services to provide everything from home renovations inspired by the photo spreads of publications to securing show tickets and restaurant reservations. increase. The dining network has more than 1,500 restaurants in 30 countries and 120 cities, offering members access to benefits such as complimentary glass of wine and additional courses.

Travel + Leisure GO, on the other hand, is “an open online retail travel site that connects inspiring travel stories, destination guides and carefully selected itineraries with planning and booking tools, whether it’s a daily adventure or a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.” .. society.

In honor of Travel + Leisure Magazine’s 2021 World’s Best Awards, Club members and Travel + Leisure GO visitors can book a carefully selected itinerary featuring the winners of this year’s popular destinations, hotels and activities. A customizable travel experience starts at $ 1,650 for a 4-day stay with accommodation, activities and land transportation for two travelers.

Award and agent partnership

Charleston, South Carolina was named the # 1 destination in the United States in 2021 by Travel + Leisure magazine.

traveler1116 | E + | Getty Images

For example, an immersive vacation in Charleston, South Carolina includes accommodation at the boutique Vendue Hotel, which was ranked number one in the United States this year, sailing at the harbor, and tours of city alleys and hidden walkways. .. Staying at Weisseroy Chicago, one of the top city hotels in the Americas, includes a “Limited VIP” tour of the Art Institute of Chicago and a “Private Early Access Experience” at the Field Museum of Natural History.

Farther away, Travel + Leisure also offers itineraries in Mexico’s top resort, Playa del Carmen’s Weissroy Riviera Maya, and in Florence, Italy, one of the top 10 cities in the world. We hope that more overseas itineraries will be added as the pandemic subsides, Brodsky said.

“We plan to add more global destinations in the coming months, but we’re confident that consumers will be able to travel more comfortably in the country, so we’ve added more in the United States,” he said. Told.

“These new, carefully selected itineraries are” the best in the world, “while fostering our basic human desire to connect us with the world and make a genuine and outstanding travel experience available to everyone. It’s a concrete way to live the experience of, “said Editor-in-Chief Jackie Gifford. In the statement, travel + leisure.

This is really to expand our mission to put the world on vacation and we have different customers in different segments of leisure travel.

Noah Brodski

Travel + Leisure Group President

Brodsky agreed.

“One of the things Travel + Leisure has done so well for 50 years is to write such an incredibly wide range of content, which can inspire even going on a family trip.” He said. “No matter what type of trip, wherever you go, there’s something great. They’re all listed in one place. Club members really get incredible savings and additional concierge services. You can receive it. “”

For now, both clubs and GO are available online — at and, respectively — but the mobile app is working, Brodsky said. Club members can also book their itinerary over the phone using the concierge service.

According to Brodsky, a partnership with Travel + Leisure’s “A-List” travel agency advisory board is also planned, and the company is entering the area of ​​travel planning and booking. (This publication is known for compiling an annual list of travel advisors specializing in different destinations and activities around the world.)

“I think it shows the fact that people make different types of trips,” he says, and vacation planning is a simple DIY web search for the best prices until you put together a once-in-a-lifetime expensive trip. Pointed out to do everything from. “If you need, need, or can afford great advice from one of the best travel advisors in the world.”

“And that’s where the A List comes in,” Brodsky added, adding that the club’s concierge would provide referrals to professional agents. “We absolutely see it as a continuum supported by the Travel + Leisure brand.”

Travel + Leisure Co is not placed preferentially. A portfolio of unique Legacy Wyndham Destination Vacation Properties. “The Travel + Leisure Group acts completely independently of them and handles the edited content of Travel + Leisure,” said Brodsky.

His team plans to book itineraries according to the magazine’s editorial calendar, but “they have no effect on the location choices, hotel choices, cruises and experiences they write,” Brodski said. Stated. “There is no crossover on the site.

“We are already the top players in the leisure travel industry that we have already participated in,” he added. “This is really to expand our mission to put the world on vacation and we have different customers in different segments of leisure travel.”

Travel + Leisure debuts online booking and subscription membership

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