Travel havoc looms over 4th of July weekend: storm cancels hundreds of flights out of New York

Tuesday is going another frustrating day The ongoing storms in New York City and other East Coast cities have created a new wave of delays and cancellations, creating a major problem for travelers.

On Monday, more than 40% of flights departing LaGuardia and Newark were canceled, some delayed by hours. Nearly 20% of United’s flights were canceled and more than 50% of JetBlue’s flights were delayed.

There were nearly 9,000 total delays in the U.S. on Monday, a figure that could rival Tuesday’s schedule.To early tuesday morninghas already recorded 1,200 flight delays and more than 800 cancellations nationwide.

More than 300 United Airlines flights have been canceled and the number is rising. The airline’s chief executive, Scott Kirby, blamed the Federal Aviation Administration, telling staff in a letter that “the FAA frankly let us down this weekend.”

Travel havoc looms over 4th of July weekend: storm cancels hundreds of flights out of New York

Severe weather and technical disruptions have left thousands of travelers stranded on the East Coast and Midwest over the weekend and into this week.Heavy rains are expected in the Tohoku region over the next few days

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby addressed the company after weather and technical failures hit the big airlines particularly hard over the weekend.United Airlines canceled nearly 1,000 flights this Monday through Tuesday, and hundreds more over the weekend.

U.S. airports are returning to normal operations after storms and several technical issues severely impacted flight schedules in the Midwest and East Coast.

Hundreds of flights scheduled to depart New York-area airports on Monday were also canceled as JFK and LaGuardia closed runways for several hours and instructed incoming flights not to depart from their origins.

A strong storm brought intermittent rain, thunder and lightning to parts of the Northeast on Monday night, despite no apparent rain in the New York area.

In a letter to staff, United’s Kirby estimated that about 150,000 customers alone were affected by delays and cancellations over the weekend, blaming the FAA primarily.

He said delays and cancellations from East Coast hubs were caused by “the FAA’s manpower shortages and traffic management capabilities.”

The FAA previously warned passengers that a shortage of air traffic controllers could make summer travel in the New York area difficult.

Storms are expected to continue in the northeast for the next few days, according to the Weather Channel forecast map on Tuesday.

Travelers remain stranded at Newark Airport in New Jersey on Tuesday, June 27.

Monday was also hit by a flood of delays and cancellations, with a third of flights out of LaGuardia canceled on Tuesday.

Nearly 300 outbound flights were canceled at United Airlines’ Newark hub on Monday alone.

Some travelers were told on Monday they might not be able to catch their flight until Thursday.

Concentrated flight issues may affect next weekend

United CEO Scott Kirby wrote a memo to employees on Monday about delays and cancellations that affected an estimated 150,000 United Airlines customers over the weekend.He primarily blamed the FAA

More than 40% of flights to and from LaGuardia Airport were canceled on Monday, stranded thousands of travelers.

Passengers who remained stranded expressed frustration with repeated flight delays and hours of waiting before the flight was finally cancelled.

Marian McGinnis said ABC7: ‘I’ve been notified that I’m late, late, late…it’s canceled now.

Some passengers were forced to travel in taxis at the airport for more than two hours before being told to disembark from canceled flights.

Others were told that there was no realistic scenario for their luggage to be returned after the flight was canceled due to the incredible amount of people waiting in line to disembark their luggage.

Aviation analyst Henry Hartveldt said passenger problems are likely to continue until the upcoming 4th of July holiday.

“In addition to the bad weather issue, we are in the middle of the holiday season and with the 4th of July approaching, all of these flights are near full or fully booked with very little room left.” It’s to accommodate people,” he told the outlet. Travel havoc looms over 4th of July weekend: storm cancels hundreds of flights out of New York

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