Tracy Morgan warns his young self about one thing that can stop him

Tracy Morgan starred in the popular show “The Last OG,” which was filmed in the same Brooklyn neighborhood where he grew up. Comedians and actors have demonstrated his skills in an impressive lineup of shows such as “Def Comedy Jam,” “Saturday Night Live,” and “30 Rock.” In the ongoing series Note to Self, Morgan looks back on his childhood, a comedy career that began over 20 years ago, a serious car accident injury in 2014, and his subsequent recovery. Morgan shares those life lessons in a heartfelt message to himself at the age of six.

Tracy Morgan

Dear Little Tracy,

I know you’re scared now, and it’s ok. Your dad has just left, and he was your guardian. You will get angry with him for a long time, but remember that he was a good person. He left and fought for his country, but returned engrossed in heroin. Your mom couldn’t get him home. She had five children to raise and couldn’t raise around a drug addict. It will be difficult, but you will get it done.

Others in your life will be men or children, like your brother Jimmy. I love you, Jim. I know he’s disabled and can’t fight all the bullies when the bullies in the neighborhood choose you, but he’s going to protect you in other ways .. He will teach you how to use your brain, not your fist or gun. Of course, it’s not easy. In other words, Bette Davis, “It will be a bumpy life.”

You can watch all the old movies such as “The Maltese Falcon”, “Angels with Dirty Face” and your favorite “Kill Mockingbird”. For some reason, you are attracted to these movies. They will ask, “Why is this little black kid watching an old ass white movie starring an old ass white?” But don’t worry. You’re a little crazy, so I’m going to do a lot of things that people think are crazy, boys. That’s nothing wrong. listen to me. Just accept it. It comes in handy.

When you move with a girlfriend named Sabina and her two sons when you are unemployed at the age of 22, they will think you are crazy. This woman, she will be your wife and the one who encourages you to go on stage and have fun. She’s going to say, “I know the weird boy, I’ll trigger it.”

And when you get on stage and make them laugh, don’t forget that you’re on the way. The heckler can’t hurt you. Heckler, you made the murderer laugh at the project, so heckler doesn’t mean anything. A drunken guy in a comedy club teasing your propeller hat can’t intimidate you. You are not threatened by anything.

I haven’t even auditioned for a TV show like “Saturday Night Live”.

Hey, when it comes to showing businesses that have seen your favorites like Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, you’ve seen them do it thousands of times, so it’s you It doesn’t mean anything to you. The only thing that can stop your little boy is the same as stopping your dad – drugs and alcohol.

It will sacrifice your marriage. You lose a good woman, but you don’t lose your life. You are calm and you will still be interesting. Even Wal-Mart trucks have nothing to stop you. You may not know it now, but you are strong, man. You are strong You will be doing a lot for you. A second chance of love and life.

Someday you will be the guardian of your own family. And you never leave.

Tracy Morgan warns his young self about one thing that can stop him

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