Tornadoes in Houston: Damage to Pasadena, Deer Park and Baytown

City officials of Pasadena, Baytown and Deer Park are planning damage investigations. So does the Japan Meteorological Agency.

Houston — The storm has passed, but road to ruin After homes and businesses are destroyed, it takes weeks to clean them up Tornado hits Houston area Tuesday.

of Houston National Weather Service Wednesday morning confirmed that EF2 or more damage So far southeast Houston.their investigative team is still trying to determine The official size and path of a tornado.

According to NWS, EF2 damage It means that there was considerable damage, such as a roof torn from a frame house. Demolished trailer house. A boxcar was pushed over. Large trees were broken or uprooted. Light objects become projectiles.

EF2 tornadoes have wind speeds between 111 and 135 mph.

school was canceled Wednesday for nearly 25,000 students with ISD in Deer Park and Pasadena. The Pasadena ISD reports damage to at least four of her schools. Representatives will be out in the next few hours to check all schools for student safety.

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They are not the only ones looking to the damage. City officials of Pasadena, Baytown and Deer Park are planning damage investigations.

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Below are some of them. tornado damage From Air 11.

The KHOU 11 weather team was tracking what was likely. whereabouts of the tornado When traveling in the southeast region.

Shelter for Tornado Victims in Pasadena

The Red Cross opened a shelter inside Baker Ripley Building at 720 Fairmont Parkway Tuesday night.

Update: Baker Ripley Shelter is full. City officials are looking for secondary shelters.

Doors opened at 9 p.m., and since then dozens of displaced families have received assistance, including about 25 to 50 people who were bussed here Tuesday night after a tornado destroyed an apartment complex in Houston. I’m here.

This shelter is so important right now because so many people need help, including those who live in Pasadena.left by the storm Trajectory of Ruin Tear down homes and cars, knock down trees and power lines in the area.

Those living in the area spent the night cleaning up the debris in gratitude for their survival.

“I didn’t even know where it was coming from. I couldn’t see anything. It was all white. Everything was all white. There was an explosion. It was really scary,” said resident Jack Kruse. . “It was the scariest thing of my life, but thank God we’re here and alive and well.”

Volunteers will also provide cleaning kits. In addition, the Pasadena Salvation Army is also providing food and assistance.

Deer Park Residents Share Their Survival Stories

Storm damage remains in Deer Park, and residents say it’s a miracle no one died.

One father said he was risking his life when his son got stuck in his car as a storm passed and an airbag deployed.

Residents share stories of surviving the moment this tornado tore through the heart of Deer Park.

An apartment roof was ripped off and a woman was stuck in a flying door. She was helped by her neighbors.

Around the corner in a strip mall off Center Street, a teenage man had gathered with other patients in a destroyed clinic. son got stuck in car Because the tornado threw clumps of metal and debris everywhere.

The city of Deerpark said it plans to rebuild and is just grateful that everyone is safe.The city’s facilities will be closed Wednesday to assess the damage.

blackout in houston

On Wednesday morning, some power lines were still out, leaving many families in the dark.At some point on Tuesday, more than 100,000 homes and businesses no power.

Many of those customers now have power restored.

As for CenterPoint, about 21,000 customers are without power as of 1pm. Most of these families are located around Pasadena and Deer Park.

CenterPoint said it has 24 crew members stationed in these areas to restore the lights.

Here is their latest statement:

“Our crew worked overnight to safely restore service to over 15,000 customers throughout the affected Houston area.In the past 24 hours, CenterPoint Energy has delivered power to approximately 217,000 customers. We were able to restore it.Once a damage assessment of the system was completed, we saw significant damage to our infrastructure in the area affected by the tornado.Our crew was able to resume service to our customers. We are committed to recovering as safely and quickly as possible.”

See also Entergy. enterprise stop map.

latest update

12:30 pm: Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said White House representatives were contacted Wednesday morning to get an assessment of what we are doing in the area.

“We talked to her about the impact on the south end of the city of Houston, Deer Park, Pasadena,” Turner said.

He said he was also contacted by FEMA. Despite the widespread destruction, Turner said it was a miracle there were no fatalities or serious injuries.

“No one was killed and very few were injured,” Turner said. “It’s a blessing in itself…just a miracle.”

The Solid Waste Department works to remove debris from your neighborhood.

12:05 PM: Officials in Pasadena provided an update. We talked about tornado damage and community resourcesMayor Jeff Wagner said Baker Ripley’s shelter was completely full. We are looking for secondary shelters. Pasadena Fire Chief Lanny Armstrong said people should stay away from the affected areas. He added that downed utilities are one of the biggest priorities. He said it was “utterly miraculous” and no one was seriously injured.

11:40 am: A Pasadena couple told KHOU 11 reporters Michelle Choi They were huddled in a bathtub with their two dogs during the tornado. They have lived there since they lost their previous home in a fire.

11 am: Deer Park Mayor Jerry Mouton said most of the city’s facilities are closed today and are evaluating whether they can reopen tomorrow. No power yet. The facility is running on a generator. the city is A city website becomes a news outlet About tornadoes, cleanup, and recovery.

10:05 AM: Houston Police Chief Troy Finner Arrive at Beamer Place’s apartment, where he investigates the area. So far, residents are not allowed inside the complex. They ask residents to go to the church next door and get information from the complex.

10 am: of NWS in Houston A damage assessment is underway at the Pasadena Animal Shelter.

8:50 AM: NWS Houston investigative team can confirm EF2 or more damage So far southeast Houston. They said they will continue to provide additional updates as meteorologists continue to investigate today.

8:40 am: of Houston SPCA adopted 27 cats From Pasadena Animal Shelter. The shelter was partly torn apart by Tuesday’s tornado. They still have about 40 dogs that need a place to go.Luckily no animals were injured.

7:20 am: Residents were up early in the morning and cleaning. The rubble left here in the Parkgate district in Pasadena. A tornado that hit the area destroyed several homes in the area.

6:05 AM: bush airport Daily record of rain events More than 4 inches of precipitation. Tomball and Cypress reported 5 inches or more. Hobby Airport reported winds of 60 mph.

6:50 am: KHOU 11 viewers shared a video of Tuesday’s storm-blasted ring doorbell. The trees in front of the house are bent vertically due to a strong storm.

https://www.wfaa.com/article/weather/tornado-in-houston/285-89355195-f508-44d2-bac7-96d9b593edfe Tornadoes in Houston: Damage to Pasadena, Deer Park and Baytown

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