Top List of Prison Workers Not Compliant with Connecticut COVID-19 Mandate

Employees of the Connecticut prison system account for nearly one-third of workers in the state who did not comply with Governor Ned Lamont’s COVID-19 vaccine obligations, according to a report released Friday by the Governor’s Office. I am.

Of the 30,623 workers in the state, 1,482 (about 5%) are unvaccinated and do not undergo weekly tests as needed, according to the report. Among them are 483 Workers of the State Department, which has approximately 5,400 employees.

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The governor’s office had given workers to obey orders until October 4. However, the state has so far fired 22 workers and put an additional 29 on unpaid leave. Authorities said they were in the process of suspending or dismissing an additional 70 employees.

“The majority of employees who are currently out of compliance expect to work with the state to comply and comply in the next few days,” said David, a spokeswoman for Lamont. Mr. Bednarz said.

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The Correctional Bureau and the union on behalf of the correctional officer did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

The agency confirmed on Friday that COVID-19 cases have recently increased in several prisons, including the Hartford Orthodontic Center, the New Haven Orthodontic Center, and the Carl Robinson Orthodontic Center.

Spokesperson Andrius Banevicius said most of these cases involved asymptomatic prisoners.

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Currently, 72 prisoners and 56 staff are being treated for virus-related symptoms, according to the agency’s website.

The largest outbreak was reported in Hartford, with 69 recently positive inmates, including 11 being treated in the MacDougall-Walker Medical Isolation Unit of the prison system and 11 being transferred to an outside hospital. There was, Banevicius said.

As a result, he said the ministry suspended direct social visits at the Hartford facility and instead relied on virtual chat.

Top List of Prison Workers Not Compliant with Connecticut COVID-19 Mandate

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