Top 6 Choices for Potentiation of Kratom

Kratom is a tropical tree found in the regions of southeast Asia, which is extracted due to its various health benefits. However, if combined with Kratom, different elements considerably enhance its effects on concoction consumption. This process is, however, considered to be altering with the potentiation of Kratom.

There is, however, a downside to consuming Kratom regularly. The regular consumption of any stimulating compound enables the body to build up a tolerance level. This reduces the effects of the substance and creates the consumer a need to consume more before the desired time. This can lead to the user consuming more Kratom than the required amount leading to various side effects. However, to combat the increase in tolerance level, users have found a way to increase the impact of the substance while decreasing the tolerance level in the user.  Nowadays, users can easily get white bali kratom powder online at a very affordable price from a reputable brand at their doorstep. They just need to search for the best kratom vendors on their browser and they’ll get lots of quality kratom shops near them to choose from.

1.   Compounds that help in the Potentiation of Kratom

However, the substance is dried in different generated situations and then processed into a fine grounded powder. This powder is then mixed with various carrier variables that, when combined, have been reported in enhancing the effects of the extracts of the Mitragyna speciosa. The list of the compounds that help in improving the impact of the substance when consuming the concoction are listed below:


This beverage is considered an optimal potentiator when mixed with the substance and is very common among the users of the substance. This beverage enables the consumer to swallow the concoction easily while eliminating the bitter taste of the substance. However, even though this beverage is popular due to the elimination of the bitter taste, the actual effect happens with the duration of the substance’s potency.

The grapefruit enhances the kratom effects by the help of the chemical components of the grape juice reacting with the digestive enzymes. The chemical compound of the grapefruit enables the digestive enzymes to regulate and enhance the metabolism of the kratom alkaloids, which doubles the effect of the substance.


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One of the most generic spices grown in India, with its yellow color, Turmeric has the perfect capability to enhance the effects of the substance when consumed. The vitamins and antioxidants render various other health benefits on regular consumption other than being an active agent for altering the impact of the substance. Turmeric produces different physical effects encompassing and intensified in nature that are done by the concoction and mixing of the substance along with Turmeric.


This is a supposedly special hot pepper that is spicy and functions in cleansing the body and detoxifying it. Various users have been reported to use this pepper in small quantities due to its extraordinary spicy nature, along with the dry powder of the substance. The pepper is such a powerful compound that it enables the body to produce more saliva for digestion, helps relieve discomfort, and helps in losing weight. This pepper successfully lowers the tolerance level for the substance in the user and enhances the power of the substance.


This is ultra-hydrating lettuce that has the potential to increase the effects of the substance.

2. Taking Kratom empty stomach

The process of consuming Kratom on an empty stomach ensures the subsequent enhancement of the substance’s effects. This is guided in the dosage systems and is one of the basic methods consumers adhere to. This happens because the substance doesn’t have to fight for getting absorbed in the intestines with other food and enzymes present in a full stomach.

However, fasting for long hours is not advised, but to consume the substance well ahead of eating. The best way would be to consume the substance early in the morning and skip breakfast. Generally, the stomach becomes empty every two hours, making ample time for consuming Kratom again. Thus, it is important to burn Kratom on an empty stomach. Many studies have found that kratom is effective in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. Consuming kratom in the right dosage in an appropriate manner can show healthy & positive results.

3. Coffee and Kratom is an ideal match

The process of mixing the substance with coffee is considered one of the most eligible potentiators. This is due to the amount of caffeine present in them rather than their taste or flavor. The caffeine present in the coffee doesn’t just potentiate the substance but also creates an amazing stable blend of a sense of wellbeing and mental alertness.

4. Teaming up with Magnesium

Magnesium is considered a perfect element to decrease and prevent the tolerance of the consumer to Kratom. Magnesium reacts with the receptors responsible for the user’s tolerance to the substance and reduces them potentially.

The regular consumption of the substance comes with a negative factor that the body develops tolerance with time. However, mixing magnesium with the substance can be successful in keeping the increased tolerance away. The taurine found in the Magnesium Taurate is considered to make the magnesium more absorbable by the consumer’s body.

1.   Phenibut, along with Kratom

Phenibut, by itself independently, is a compound that provides its consumer with various anxiety-related solutions, mood-boosting, and enhancing social benefits.

The mixing of both these compounds along Kratom is considered legal under regulations. The mixing of the substance along with phenibut exponentially increases the effects n the consumer. This is because the added personal effect of phenibut adds to the effects of Kratom instead of nullifying it.

2.   The Tea method of consuming Kratom

The leaves of the tropical plants are first harvested and then dried both in regulated indoor situations and under the sun. Then the dried leaves are brewed into tea. However, the amount of the substance needed is however higher compared to other methods. The measurement is regulated at 7 grams of Kratom to experience the optimal effects of the substance made into tea.

The process of making the kratom into tea and consuming it has been popularized by gym-goers and fitness freaks, along with professional bodybuilders. The popularity of this process is up to the level that Kratom tea has been successfully replacing various pre-workout drinks that contain preservatives. This substance being organically found in the natural habitat of the substance’s origin enable different health qualities to the user. However, this method of consumption decreases the harmful side effects that synthetic supplements render to the body.

While boiling the substance, the addition of lemon juice alleviates the aroma along with the effects of the substance after consumption. Adding lemon while the substance is boiling enables the emissions of the maximum number of alkaloids from the plant matter into the tea. The strong aroma and the effects are directly proportional to the number of alkaloids present in the tea. The extracts are then purified versions of Kratom, which reacts with the lemon juice during its boiling phase into tea.

The various processes mentioned above of enhancing or potentiating the substance derived from the trees found in regions of Southeast Asia have been reported to give exponentially increased effects. These effects are, however, also longer in duration have been a hit since inception. With comparatively mild side effects and increased effects, Kratom and its enhancer have been popular in every section of the various types of consumers. The only factor checking the unstoppable progress of this substance is the confusing leag status due to consumer and political pressure on the regulatory boards.

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