Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Ordering Explainer Videos

As a matter of fact, explainer video is a real breakthrough in the marketing world. Probably, every expert can prove that nowadays it is the best tool for boosting a brand, business or a product. Due to the fact that explainer videos can be shared easily and uploaded to a number of platforms, it engages a lot of new potential clients. Short, informative, entertaining and efficient – these are the main features of these videos. There is a great variety of explainer videos, but 2D animated ones are the most popular. (visit  to get more information about it) Despite the fact that this kind of explainer video is relatively easy to make, this process is still a little bit challenging.

If it is so, how to create an explainer video of high quality? Is it possible to cope with it on your own? What should you start with? There are so many urgent questions as to how to manage the creation process in a proper way.

Common mistakes while creating an explainer video

Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Ordering Explainer Videos

Our vast experience shows that people frequently make the same mistakes. To make your life easier we decided to create an inventory of the most common ones so that your way to getting a perfect video will not be so thorny. Hope you will enjoy reading!

  1. What do I want?

First and foremost, you should know exactly what you want to get as a final product. You should decide on the style of your expert video: motion graphics, 2D animation, 3D animation, etc. Another important aspect is the targeted audience! This information will help you write a good script exactly for your product or brand.

It is a good idea to google a lot before getting down to business! Watch the videos of your possible competitors and do your best to create a unique product.

  1. Your objectives

What is the main purpose of your explainer video? You should be able to answer this question immediately, since it influences the creation process a lot. If you apply to an explainer video company it will be the first thing they would like to know!

  1. Poor specialists

If you want to hire a professional animation team, be very attentive. Check the company’s portfolio and ask questions. Search for the clients’ feedback on the Internet and try to assess the quality of their works you have seen. Remember that your team will be responsible for your success!

  1. Disorganized text

Your script is a key element in the explainer video. If it is too complicated or long, people will find it dull and boring. Try to include only the most pivotal information about the advertised items to keep the audience engaged.

  1. Formal style

Remember that you are not participating in the debates or negotiations! Your script must sound natural and interesting. It is a bad idea to write complicated sentences and use academic vocabulary.

6.    Cooperation with team

You have to be very attentive while opting for a professional team to cooperate with. Ask for a portfolio to make sure this company is a good one. Although, after this choice is done it is extremely important to trust your team!

  1. Ambiguity

Your explainer video must give a clear explanation about the product and its benefits. Try to guess what questions about the product your clients may ask and give answers to them!

  1. Timings

Your explainer video should be 2-3 minutes long. If it is too long, the customer will not watch till the end. Secondly, while recording your voice pay attention to your voice speed and intonation. Make sure you sound natural and interesting.

  1. Quality

Unfortunately, some people sacrifice the quality of their explainer video trying to meet the deadlines. This mistake can cost you really a lot! Remember that it is better to have no video than one of poor quality. Respect your potential clients and create products of high quality for them! If not, how can they trust you?

10. “Call to Action”

After watching your video the audience must know for sure what they are expected to do next! An animated explainer video should make them follow a certain site, visit your store or just buy a particular product. Please, avoid being passive!

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