Tomato enthusiasts are back with hundreds of tomato choices

A pioneer of spring horticulture in Southern California for the past 30 years, Tomato Mania has entered a cruel season in 2020, with most venues closed due to COVID-19. However, on February 26th, with some tweaks, we were ready to launch a sapling show with over 200 tomatoes and 100 peppers.

Good news: Gardeners have more time to browse their products at each pop-up stop. Not so good news: There will be far fewer places to visit, said owner Scott Dagle. Over the past few years, Tomato Mania has moved three or ten days of sales “events” to about 12 venues from Ventura County to San Diego County, demonstrating for gardeners who can’t get enough of our favorite summer. , Workshops, recipes, friendships provided fruit.

The ongoing pandemic has eliminated these face-to-face extras this year to keep people from gathering, but Daigre hopes some venues will offer small workshops online. (And a lot of information, recipes and advice are available on the Tomatomania! Website).

This year, there are only about six tomato enthusiast venues so shoppers can keep a safe distance and not have to stay long to find the plants they need, as there is plenty of space for online orders and tables. ..

This year’s tomato lava flow, a tomato enthusiast, is highly regarded for its rich tomato flavor, mass production, and overall beauty.

(Scott Daigle / Tomato Mania)

Shoppers need to flock to sales events on the first day to stay for a month in most places and restock regularly, starting with Rogers Gardens in Corona del Mar on February 26, according to Daigure. I don’t feel To get your favorite varieties before they are sold out.

Other than that, the tomato mania format is doing well, and Daigre announces its annual Tomato of the Year pick (an orange-red Hawaiian hybrid named Lava Flow), recognizing a great deal of interest in container gardening last year. Then we announced the entire series. Special Dwarf Series Tomatoes — A hybrid of heirloom grown to grow easily and in large numbers in small spaces and pots.

According to Daigure, the dwarf series of tomatoes are just for gardeners who want to grow more exotic heirloom varieties but don’t have the space for underground gardening.

Bush-type tomatoes aren’t new, but these dwarf series are special because they’re an uncertain heirloom variety, rather than a more common definitive hybrid like Better Bush. Most ancestral tomatoes are uncertain and produce tomatoes for weeks, unlike the definitive varieties that are grown to produce crops at once.

The problem is that uncertain varieties tend to be huge, violent plants, require a lot of staking, and can take over balconies, small patios, and even garden beds, Daigure said.

He said that was the beauty of the Dwarf series. They produce heirloom tomatoes, but they are chunky, compact plants that require little staking. One of Daigure’s favorites is a small “micro-dwarf” plant that can be tucked into a pot along with some other plants, with dozens of delicious green and orange striped fruits shaped like roma tomatoes. It is a socy Mary to provide.

The ancestral Sorcy Mary of the Roman-shaped Dwarf series is orange-striped green and fits in the palm of your hand.

A Roman-shaped dwarf series heirloom, the Saucy Mary fits snugly in the palm of your hand.

(Scott Daigle / Tomato Mania)

In fact, according to Daigre, if you have a large pot that normally plants one regular-sized tomato, you can plant two or three dwarf series, which can triple the variety and production.

“Last year we tried some of these and it feels like we’ve found the key for people who can only have two or three containers in their back pouch,” Daigre said.

“These are not cherry tomatoes. You have the whole area of ​​dwarf series tomato products. I had one tomato, Cyril’s Choice. This starts early, ends late, from one small plant. Produced dozens of fruit double cherry tomato sizes. If you multiply the production I got last year by what people usually put in the backyard, you can feel like a real farmer and to do that. Does not require a large foothold. ”

But that’s what makes tomato enthusiasts so attractive. There are many opportunities to experiment. There are over 200 tomatoes in different sizes, tastes and colors, including cherokee purple, malformed, exquisitely smoky flavored mahogany monster fruit, dark orange, striped green, bright yellow and different shades of red. Expect the same range Traditional Roman paste tomatoes and sweet bite cherries.

And this year, there’s an additional bonus that allows you to browse most of Daigre’s products online. He tries to offer all over 200 varieties at all venues, but he has the flexibility to choose because some plants are depleted and others may not grow as expected.

Some Cyril's Choice, a delicious red heirloom, a table sliced ​​in half.

A delicious red heirloom, Cyril’s Choice is one of the well-grown dwarf series of tomatoes in pots.

(Scott Daigle / Tomato Mania)

Daigure is still in talks with several venues in late spring, and details on how to handle the sale have not yet been finalized, but most of the schedule has been set. If you want to browse early, be aware that Tomato Mania’s products will be listed online at Rogers Garden, Fig Earth Supply, Otto & Sons Nursery. And we are now living in a crazy and uncertain era, so be sure to check the Tomato Mania and venue website for the latest information before you go.

Rogers Gardens on 2301 San Joaquin Road in Corona del Mar, staying for 4 weeks from February 26th. All tomatoes and peppers offered by Tomato Mania are posted online.

3577 N. Figueroa St. in Mt. Washington, March 5-7. Gardeners can buy tomatoes online, pick them up on the curb, or book for viewing.

Fillmore 1835E. Otto & Sons Nursery School on Guiberson Road, March 12th for a month. Offers that can be viewed and purchased online, including curbside pickups and onsite visits.

Encino’s 5251 Hayvenhurst Ave. Tapia Bros in. Farm On-site visits only from March 19th to April 25th.

Underwood Family Farms Fruits are located on Somis’ 5696 Los Angeles Avenue and Moorpark’s 3370 Sunset Valley Road, scheduled to begin for a month in late March.

Tomato enthusiasts are back with hundreds of tomato choices

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