Tom Brady explains why there has never been a better time to collect watches

Recently non-retired Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback and IWC ambassador Tom Brady has been a watch collector for about as long as he has been an NFL quarterback (read: a very long time), giving him plenty of perspective to see how the hobby evolves into the has changed in recent years. “I think watches are really having the time of their lives right now,” he told GQ. “This is a great time to be in the watch world.”

He’s not wrong. In 2022 watchmakers seem to be having more fun than they have in a long time. Color is the first thing that catches your eye as you scan the new deluge of pieces arriving from Watches & Wonders, the annual watch show where brands showcase a majority of their new pieces for the year. Syrup purple sapphire was the main show at Hublot, blue and green sapphires made the new Patek Phillipes shine, and Oris was all about pastels. Tiffany blue dials continue to be the hottest thing in watch collecting. IWC, meanwhile, broke out the bolder colors this year with a pair of ceramic watches in green (“Woodland”) and Brady’s favorite in all white (“Lake Tahoe”).

Like the watches mentioned above, the pair of new IWC watches is further proof that serious high-performance timepieces with highly technical complications no longer have to be boring. Bold colors don’t mask a lack of substance – they now work together to achieve awesomeness. Ceramic clocks were originally prized for their durability: these pieces are likely to win a fight with a desk or floor and escape unscathed. Now IWC finds a way to turn monochromatic matte ceramic into an aesthetic signature. These two watches follow the sandy Mojave that launched in 2021. The fact that Brady’s typical all-business IWCs can now fit into a lightning-crowded NFL locker room says it all. “It’s hard to compete in the dressing room because guys buy the best watches all the time,” says Brady. “I can carry [the “Lake Tahoe”] to work, and people will always look at it and be drawn to it.” Plus, he says, it can handle morning chores with ease: walking the dogs, making breakfast, and taking the kids to school. (“My wife usually does most of it,” he says. “But she’s actually gone this week.”)

To get the colors of these watches just right, IWC worked with Pantone to develop the hues. The partnership isn’t just about IWC putting its name on a few colors. The patented color tones ensure that all parts are kept in the same, uniform color tone, which gives the watches their monochrome look. Green may be the biggest thing in the watch world two years in a row, but what other brand can claim to have its own hue?

Tom Brady explains why there has never been a better time to collect watches

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