Tokyo Motor Show canceled due to pandemic

Tokyo — The Tokyo Motor Show, which displays cars from around the world, has been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Akio Toyoda, president of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, said, “We have decided that it is difficult to hold the main program in a safe and secure manner so that everyone can enjoy the joy of mobility.”

The organization hosted a twice-yearly car show in Tokyo, last held in 2019, with more than 1.3 million participants. JAMA groups 14 manufacturers of Japanese automobiles, trucks, buses and motorcycles.

According to Toyoda, the organizers were considering the possibility of holding the event online. The exact dates haven’t been decided yet, but shows usually take place in October and November. Car shows in Detroit and Geneva have also been cancelled.

Japan has been hit hard by the surge in infectious diseases, but vaccine deployment is one of the slowest for developed countries, with about 1% of the population being vaccinated.



Outbreak of virus:

— Europe is lining up more shots in hopes of defeating the virus surge

— New data to reassure COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy

— Companies fight for help when jobs aren’t filled

— U.S. regulators say the Baltimore plant, which has signed a contract to manufacture Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine, was dirty, did not follow proper manufacturing procedures, and was poorly trained staff. I will.

— German lawmakers have approved Angela Merkel’s government proposal to require uniform restrictions on areas where the coronavirus is rapidly spreading.


—Government officials say France is trying to impose new immigration restrictions on travelers from India to combat the infectious coronavirus mutants that spread to the country.


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What else is happening:

Turkey, Ankara-Turkey has announced that it will extend the weekend blockade to include Friday holidays as it works on a surge in infections.

The blockade begins Thursday night and ends Monday morning, according to a statement from the Interior Ministry.

Turkey has recorded record levels of infection and death since it relaxed COVID-19 restrictions in early March.


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan put the country under partial blockade on April 13. This includes extending the curfew on weekdays, returning to online education, banning unnecessary intercity travel, and blocking previously re-imposed weekends.

The government has blamed the growing number of more rapidly prevailing variants.


New Delhi — India reported a world record of over 314,000 new infections on Thursday as a severe coronavirus surge in the world’s second most populous country overwhelmed vulnerable health systems.

The new incident will increase India’s past total of 15.9 million, after the United States.

Many hospitals across the country complain of serious shortages of beds and medicines and operate at dangerously low levels of oxygen.

On Wednesday, the New Delhi High Court ordered the government to divert oxygen supplies from industrial to hospitals. In response to a petition from a New Delhi hospital seeking intervention, the judge said, “Ask, borrow, steal, it’s a state of emergency.”


The government is rushing oxygen tankers to replenish hospitals.

According to The Times of India, a record number of 307,581 cases per day was reported in the United States on January 8.


Santa Fe, New Mexico-Health authorities in New Mexico say that some communities are preparing to address vaccine hesitation pockets due to growing general interest in COVID-19 vaccination. Stated.

State Secretary of Health and Welfare Tracy Collins said Wednesday that statistics on these trends were being reviewed this week. New Mexico is one of the top states in vaccination coverage, with nearly 40% of the population fully vaccinated.

Collins said the state is looking for a “community champion.” This is a reliable resident of a vaccine-repellent area that can address safety and efficacy concerns. A question-and-answer type city hall is also available. Also, video testimony about the coronavirus vaccine has already been recorded.


“We have a lot of work to do in these weeks to really get over the hesitation of this vaccine,” Collins said.

Human Services Secretary David Scrase added that doctors and other direct health care providers also play an important role in alleviating fear.

“I think it’s really about giving people the opportunity to discuss what their concerns are … and work through them,” Scrase said.


Annapolis, Maryland — Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, says the state is stepping up its efforts to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The governor said Wednesday that the “don’t leave weapons” initiative involves all state agencies and various private sectors.

Hogan says Maryland has given more than 4 million vaccines. He says that 82% of Maryland residents aged 65 and over are vaccinated, and more than 55% of people aged 18 and over are vaccinated.


The governor says the demand for shots is still high, but the state must be more creative in using vaccine supplies.


Rome — The Italian government will open cinemas, theaters and concert halls to a limited number of spectators in areas with the lowest levels of infection starting next Monday, confirming the start of dining in outdoor restaurants for lunch and dinner. doing.

The limit was set to a maximum of 500 people indoors and a maximum of 1,000 people outdoors.

This is the first national deregulation since the fall surge and the arrival of a rapid spread variant of the new coronavirus. As the vaccine campaign progressed, the level of transmission slowed, but virologists warned that the government was sending the message “everything is open” before the situation was controlled.

At the Ministerial Meeting on Wednesday, the current curfew at 10 pm was confirmed. It drew anger from the right-wing league, which said it would abstain when the bill came to Congress to vote.



Miami-One of Florida’s largest hospital networks announced on Wednesday that the first vaccination would not be generally given after the end of the month due to “declining demand.”

Jackson Health, a public hospital, vaccinated more than 167,000 people, 15% of whom were black and 54% of whom were Hispanic.

Carlos A, CEO of Jackson Health System. Migoya said the hospital network is still spending considerable resources on treating COVID-positive patients in hospitals, emergency departments and clinics.


Seattle-Washington is increasing the ambition of the COVID-19 vaccine as cases increase, variants prevail, and vaccine demand softens in some areas.

The Seattle Times reports on Wednesday that State Secretary of Health and Welfare Dr. Umair Shah said that if the federal government could provide vaccines, the state’s new goal would be 90,000 vaccines daily. The goal earlier this year was 45,000 shots a day.


Shah also expressed concern about Washington’s willingness to seek vaccines, noting that many of the planned appointments were not met. Currently, everyone over the age of 16 is eligible for vaccination, and one-third of the state’s population is vaccinated at least once.


Johnston, Iowa-Governor Kim Reynolds requested Iowa to vaccinate COVID-19 on Wednesday, but the slowdown in demand for shots is the largest in the state’s Republican region, or there is a political dimension to this trend. Refused to admit that there was.

Republican Reynolds staged at a weekly press conference with National Guard Deputy General Ben Correll, who is still recovering, after 43 of 99 counties in Iowa refused to ship additional vaccines this week due to declining demand. Promoted vaccination efforts by sharing. From last winter’s COVID-19 infection. She also said Republican vice-governor Adam Gregg would be vaccinated in Sioux City later this week.


Of the 43 counties in Iowa that refuse the vaccine, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified 12 as having a high prevalence of coronavirus.Voter registration information shows that all 12 are Republican counties


New York — Health officials have released more evidence that COVID-19 infection is rare in fully vaccinated people.

The latest study examined recent infections in approximately 75 skilled nursing facilities in Chicago. Nearly 8,000 residents and nearly 7,000 staff were vaccinated twice at the facility. Among fully vaccinated people, health officials have detected 22 breakthrough infections. Most people did not experience any symptoms, but two were hospitalized and one died.

Other statistics suggest that the breakthrough rate is significantly lower. However, residents of nursing homes and other skilled care facilities tend to be older and weaker than the entire population, and some studies have shown that vaccines may be less effective in that group. It has been suggested.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday posted the study online.

Last week, federal officials reported that about 5,800 breakthrough infections were seen in about 40 states that reported such data. That number included 74 deaths.


Kansas Mission — Approximately three-quarters of Kansas counties have refused new shipments of coronavirus vaccine at least once in the past month, and some have refused for four consecutive weeks, state data show. I am.

Six counties rejected all quotas for four weeks, and 33 other counties suspended shipments from the state for a week. Twenty-six other counties suspended shipments for two weeks, and 16 counties suspended shipments for three weeks. Only 24 counties, mostly large counties such as Seany, Johnson, Sedgwick, and Johnson, have not refused to ship.

However, this number does not take into account the doses that may have been shipped to pharmacies or some clinics through the federal government.


According to data, only 37% of the state’s population is at least partially vaccinated. That percentage is far from where the state needs to reach herd immunity levels, making it difficult for the virus to spread.

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Tokyo Motor Show canceled due to pandemic

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