Tina Louise leads homage to co-star Dawn Wells on “Gilligan Kimishima” after death

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The last surviving member of the original “Gilligan Kimishima” cast pays homage to her castmate, who recently died of a coronavirus complication.

Tina Louise, The last surviving member of the original “Gilligan Kimishima“Cast led a homage to her later co-stars Dawn Wells..

Pinup Wells, who starred as Mary Ann Summers on the highly-loved television show, died Wednesday morning (30Dec20) in Los Angeles due to complications from the coronavirus. She was 82 years old.

“I was sad to know Dawn’s death. I always remember her kindness,” Tina Louise, who played Ginger Grant on “Gilligan Kimishima,” after her death, said in a statement to CNN. ..

“We shared creating cultural landmarks that have continued to bring comfort and smiles to people during this difficult time. People always smile on her face and remember my way. I hope you will. ”

Other stars turned to social media to remind them of Wells. Bruce Campbell On Twitter, “It was an honor to admit that Dawn was much hotter than Ginger as her character Mary Ann at the recent Saturn Awards. You are Icon, Dawn. Live. . ”

“”Gree“actress Jane Lynch “Oh, this is very sad. Bonn’s voyage, Mary Ann,” tweeted.general Hospital” Star Kinshliner “RIP Dawn Wells. We were all crazy about Mary Anne! #GilligansIsland”.

Dawn Wells credits for the TV show “Fantasy island“,”Love boat“,and”Growing painShe also replayed her role as Mary Anne’s voice in “.Gilligan Planet“1982.

She called her last role as Gumbalina ToothingtonCaptain Pantsman“And that”Horrible danger of a ghost dentist“Last year (19).

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