Timberwolves NBA Draft Profile: Tyreese Maxi

Winter is approaching and the days are getting shorter. In short, the 2020 NBA season is about to begin.

Due to the rescheduling of the 2020 season, the NBA Draft will take place on November 18th and the 2020-21 season will begin on December 22nd.

Minnesota Timberwolves owns two picks in the first round. It is the top selection and 17th place overall. Who are you interested in in 17th place?

This edition introduces Kentucky security guard Tyreese Maxi.


Maxi, a top 10 general new employee from South Garland High School in Texas, will be one of the latest players from Kentucky. In 31 Wildcats games last season, Maxi made 28 starts, averaging 14.0 points, 4.3 rebounds and 3.2 assists, scoring 42.7% of the shots from the field. Maxy’s best match was against rival Louisville on December 28, scoring 27 points with 9 out of 14 shots (4 out of 5 from depth), 7 rebounds and 1 out. Added assist. The 20-year-old boy was a little roller coaster from the field and shot over 50% in 11 contests, but with 0,1 make-up from the floor, including the last game (7) in Kentucky uniforms , 2 posted 4 games. 1 / 11th of the shooting points against Florida on March 7). Maxey has been nominated by the coach as the SEC All-Freshman team and the second team of All-SEC.

Wolf NBA Draft Prospect Profile

Since John Calipari became head coach of Wildcats in 2009-10, he could be the 30th Kentucky player in the first round.


Maxey was one of the five Kentucky players invited to the 2020 NBA combine, but did not opt ​​out and participate.

Measurable (Via

Height: 6 feet-3

Weight: 200 lbs

Wingspan: 6-7 3/4

Film room

What they are saying

“Spent time playing both on and off the ball in the Kentucky 3-guard lineup, Maxi scored as a shooter moving around and with a consistent effort to sprint the floor in transitions. He did a lot. He also created well for himself and others as a pick and roll secondary ball handler. His combination of speed and ability to make shots from the floor is his freshman. The wildcats were shining in the stretch of the year. There were ups and downs from the field, and the attacks flourished when delivering from the surroundings. ”—

“Scoring guard. Given his average vision and great sense of passing, you’re not the one who wants to carry out the attack. You’re not the one who wants to carry out the PnR, but widening the floor spacing locks the roll path. It can help to unlock. This poses a threat when you touch the lob. You should be able to play off-ball and on-ball fairly comfortably, but on-ball is not the role of the creator and scores more. You have to play next to other primary creators who can find teammates, such as big, another G, wing, etc. Otherwise, Maxi isn’t, so the maker sees You have to take part in an attack with a system that you have. Someone who can really do that. “– Stephen Spencer Pearlman

“A quick decision maker …. Good at driving and cooking …. It does a great job of giving Rob on the move to his teammates …. Shows his advanced ability to attack runners in the lane. Is an important attribute given his lack of explosiveness …. has a patented one-handed push shot and uses it within 10-12 feet of the basket when space is reserved …. a clever playmaker. … By making quick and creative decisions with speed and imagination on the open floor, he becomes an effective transition player. ”– Evan Tomes on NBA

How he fits

Maxey checks important boxes. From Anthony Davis to Karl-Anthony Town and more recently to the bubble breakout star Tyler Herro, the NBA Draft has one golden rule. It’s a choice. Kentucky. player. Minnesota did so by drafting the town in 2015, and it certainly worked. Anyway, Maxi adapted to Minnesota’s fast-paced attacks. He was ranked 5th in the SEC in the transition score (4.1 points per game). At 6-3, Maxy could have a hard time defending the larger shooting guard, but his two-way potential was a major reason he was so hired after graduating from high school. However, Maxi’s inconsistent shooting poses some danger signals, especially for Timberwolves, who drafted hot and cold shooting guards in the last two first round options with Josh Okogie and Jarrett Culver. .. The latter finished penultimate at a rate of 3 points (29.9%) as a newcomer last season.

Timberwolves NBA Draft Profile: Tyreese Maxi

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