Tim Duncan talks about the 1997 lottery, Spurs rivals with the Lakers, Kevin Garnett and why he didn’t sign Orlando

San Antonio – Tim Duncan was on a podcast. Yes, that Tim Duncan.

The Spurs legend recently joined Rogue Dock and Raja Bell in Ringer’s Real Ones podcast. There he talked about everything from the Spurs, head coach Gregg Popovich, a short trip to Orlando, and the legendary battle between the late Kobe Bryant and Kevin. garnet.

Duncan, who played 19 seasons and won five Spurs championships, was told in a podcast that he had the option to leave Wakeforest after the junior season and was selected for the lottery in the 1996 draft. Finish his four-year college career.

The Spurs won the lottery the following year, even though the odds for the entire team weren’t the best.

“In my head, I went to Boston. I knew it a bit,” Duncan said. “Then it’s holy junk, don’t I go to Boston? But I can play with David Robinson. Are you kidding me? This is great.”

“Being with Pop Director and all those vets worked very well for me,” Duncan said. “I was absolutely blessed to land where I landed, and it worked for me.”

Duncan said that when he arrived in San Antonio, he was simply asked to play well and not necessarily be a direct team leader. Duncan praised Spurs veterans for helping them adapt and teaching them how to become professionals.

“I learned a lot and grew up to be a player thanks to Avery Johnson, Vinnie del Negros, Sean Elliott, David Robison and Monty Williams,” Duncan said.

According to Duncan, Williams took him under his wings, but the entire group, including Malik Rose, consisted of truly good people who care about basketball and the community.

Duncan defeated Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal in the 1999 playoffs, “shutting down the forum” and ending the Lakers’ three-peat in 2003, some of the highlights of the first few seasons in San Antonio. He said. The second championship.

The Spurs icon shows that the Lakers rivalry is great at the moment, with some ups and downs, including the 0.4 shot that eliminated San Antonio in 2004.

Duncan said it was nothing more than “absolute respect for Kobe,” and Bryant’s competitiveness boosted the Lakers, bringing the Spurs an “A game” every time they played.

Regarding Kevin Garnett, Duncan said he was positively frustrated just because the Minnesota Timberwolves didn’t have the aversion to talking about Garnett’s trash.

“That’s what he wanted. I realized it,” Duncan said. “It makes people more annoyed when you come and go and keep getting things done.”

He was also asked to think about the 2002 free agent when he almost signed with Orlando Magic.

“It was pretty close to Orlando and didn’t happen thanks to Pop director and David Robinson,” Duncan said.

“They had the last word and understanding that they enjoyed what I had (in San Antonio) and probably made sure I had a little more control over where I was rebuilding and competing at the Western Conference. “Duncan said.

Duncan also shared that he played against Detroit in 2005 as his most fulfilling championship was a fierce seven-game series, a fierce civil war between piston tycoons Rasheed Wallace and Ben Wallace. did.

Regarding Popovich, Duncan said that one of his greatest characteristics was knowing how to properly balance the player’s personal life with basketball.

“He’s an easy person to respect because he’s candid with you,” Duncan said. “He stays with you, keeps the environment fun, but knows when to work and when to relax.”

Duncan said his dad gave Popovich permission to line him up, and that was the main reason the team was first made in San Antonio.

Duncan said he enjoyed a supper with Popovich, demonstrating his endless knowledge of wine, but after his lonely season as an assistant, coaching was no longer likely to him. ..

The Hall of Fame power forward also touched on several other themes, including Bryant’s death, how to play the game now, and a comparison of his favorite current player, Anthony Davis.

You can check out the 1-hour podcast here.

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Tim Duncan talks about the 1997 lottery, Spurs rivals with the Lakers, Kevin Garnett and why he didn’t sign Orlando

Source link Tim Duncan talks about the 1997 lottery, Spurs rivals with the Lakers, Kevin Garnett and why he didn’t sign Orlando

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