This amazing giveaway from google stops annoying robocalls and gives you a second phone number

Interesting Fact: Two of the most popular tips on my website for many years reveal that all your numbers are blocked and that blocked or strange numbers are calling you. That is.

I’m curious.it’s not always Robocaller ringing you from a number you don’t know. Tap or click here for four ways to find someone’s mobile number online.

If you want (and should!) Block your number, click here or click here for all the temporary and permanent steps to get the job done. This is a little-known deterrent to fraudulent calls.

The more numbers you have, the more vulnerable you are to hackers and other malicious individuals. The secondary phone number protects the primary phone number, but it can do more.

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First, get a free new number

When you get a new phone number, your old phone number doesn’t just disappear into ether. If you think of something related to your number, it’s scary. Tap or click to make sure that if someone else gets it, your privacy can be seriously compromised.

Google Voice is a free service that provides phone numbers that you can use as you like for domestic and international calls, text messages, and voice emails. Google Voice is available for iOS, Android, and your computer. All you need to get started is a Google account.

  • Download the app for iOS or Android, or visit voice.google.com / u / 0 / signup to get the app on your computer.
  • Then sign in to your Google account.
  • Check the conditions and proceed to the next step.
  • Select a phone number from the list. You can search by city or area code.
  • Confirm the number and enter the phone number that links to your Voice account.
  • Get the 6-digit code to enter in the next step. Has completed.

Well, time to dive into the way you can use That number.

1. If you switch, keep the old number

Suppose you need to switch providers to move to a new state or country. Perhaps you have found a better deal elsewhere. You probably want to keep your old phone number? Fortunately, it could be ported to Google Voice for a fee of $ 20.

Not all providers or phone numbers are covered, but you can give it a try. Please have your billing account information handy as you will need your account number and PIN.

  • Open Google Voice and Hamburger menu icon..Move to Legacy Google Voice, Then click Setting gear icon go to Setting..
  • choose phone Tabs, then Change / port Next to your phone number.
  • select I want to use a mobile phone number Follow the on-screen instructions to set up and pay.

Stalkers and creeps can do a lot of damage to your numbers. Tap or click for steps to take if someone is harassing you online.

2. Send a specific call directly to voice mail

You need to talk to certain people, but you don’t want them to have your real number. If you don’t want to block someone completely, you can send it to voicemail.

You can use Google Voice to do the same for all incoming calls. This is wise if you use that second number as a burner that you don’t really intend to call. Here’s how to do it on your computer:

  • Open Google Voice and Setting gear icon..
  • click call..
  • Power off the device below Incoming call..
  • Turn off the linked numbers below Call transfer..

To send a call to voicemail over the phone:

  • Open the voice app and tap Hamburger menu icon,afterwards Setting..
  • Tap Device and number..
  • Tap Remove X icon,afterwards delete Next to the number linked to the device.

Sometimes don’t get in the way, but the answer is. Tap or click for instructions on setting up on your iPhone or Android.

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3. A safer way to provide contact information to strangers

When a new social or business acquaintance asks for your phone number, you give it. Perhaps it’s on your business card. The same thing happens when you sign up for a new account or want to sell something online.

Only one bad actor can get your number and make your life miserable. Spam and Robocall are sent by phone or text message. Hackers can use your phone number to break into one of your accounts and access your information. The burner phone number minimizes your risk.

This procedure is easy. Instead of providing a real number, give your Google Voice number.

4. Try it for your business or side hustle

There are many ways to make money online. Is the old gadget lying down? Tap or click here for tips on selling the technology.

Whether it’s the side hustle you’re about to start or a full-fledged business, you need a phone number. The problem is that I don’t know who will call. Beyond legitimate customers, you will find strange people asking strange questions.

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5. Record the call (as long as it is legal)

Google Voice also allows you to record conversations. If you need to record a call, it’s easier than scribbling notes. Be sure to check local laws before recording a conversation. In some states, it is necessary to obtain the consent of all parties involved before setting a record.

How to record a Google Voice call on your computer:

  • Go to voice.google.com and Setting gear icon..
  • click call..
  • turn on Incoming call options..
  • Tap during a call Four Start recording. All participants in the call will be notified that recording has started.
  • Tap Four Stop recording again. All participants will be notified.

To set up recording on your mobile phone:

  • Open the voice app and tap Hamburger menu icon, Then tap Setting..
  • turn on Incoming call options Under the call.
  • Tap Four Start recording during a call. All participants in the call will be notified that recording has started.
  • Tap Four Stop recording again. All participants will be notified.

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This amazing giveaway from google stops annoying robocalls and gives you a second phone number

Source link This amazing giveaway from google stops annoying robocalls and gives you a second phone number

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