These are popular fishing spots in San Antonio, where we regularly stock fish.

San Antonio ――I feel that San Antonio always has a fishing spot nearby, but where is your luck?

The San Antonio River Authority and the City of San Antonio’s Parks and Recreation Department detail the most common fishing spots and when they were last caught.

These places are an option for enjoying “reels” during the summer and on Saturday’s free fishing days.

Free Fishing Day is the day when the Texans are allowed to fish in public waters in the state. Otherwise, anglers over the age of 17 will need a fishing license. This holiday aims to encourage anglers to share their knowledge with others and encourage more people to try fishing.

San Antonio River Authority spokesman Yviand Serbones-Hernandez and city spokesperson Connie Swann require a valid freshwater fishing permit every other day of the year to fish in rivers and city parks. Said. Click here for more information on fishing permits.


On the San Antonio River, the following fishing spots are most popular by the authorities’ environmental science team, said Serbones Hernandez.

  • Between the confluence of Confluence Park and San Pedro Creek, 310 W. Mitchell St.

  • Padre Park Access Point, 6515 Padre Drive

  • Acequia Park, 8500 Mission Pkwy. There is a promenade with easy access to the river.

“The most common species caught in San Antonio are catfish (channel catfish and tilapia), bass (largemouth bass, guadalupe, spotted), sunfish (bundle of species, in some cases green sunfish, bluegill, long). Gear Sunfish) and so on. Non-natives, especially Koi and Tilapia, “she said.

On the San Antonio River in Mission Reach, she said, channel catfish were recently released in 2019 and bluegill was recently released in 2020. From 2013 to 2016, more than 80,000 Guadalupe bass were bred in parts of the river.

According to Parks and Recreation, regularly released lakes include South Side Lions Park on 3100 Pecan Valley Drive and Miller’s Pond on 6175 Pearsall Road.

Currently, we purchase catfish from April to October except August.

Other waterways that Texas Parks and Wildlife regularly store include:


  • Elmendorf Lake Park, 3700 W. Commerce St.

  • Earl Scott Pond, located on Leon Creek Greenway near Buddy Calc Trailhead, 12160 Babcock Road.

  • Tealer Park, 5640 Lakefront.

  • Woodlawn Lake Park, 1103 Cincinnati.

There are also great fishing opportunities in several other waterways, such as Lake Braunig and Lake Calaveras. Click here to see more places to fish outside the city.

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These are popular fishing spots in San Antonio, where we regularly stock fish.

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