There is no tax exemption for San Fran so far.City workers

San Francisco — Approximately 800 San Francisco workers are seeking medical or religious exemptions so that the deadline for being vaccinated against the coronavirus or losing their jobs is not approaching. So far, the city has not approved a single request.

This is according to city human resources officials who said that about 5.5% of the city’s 35,000 employees did not comply with the obligation to be fully vaccinated by November 1.

Police officers, firefighters, and other employees working in high-risk environments were told to be vaccinated by Wednesday. However, within that group, 260 police, fire and security officer employees sought religious or medical exemptions.

A police union spokesman says 120 police officers are facing dismissals because they missed the deadline.


Pandemic Details:

— US border residents are pleased to lift the travel ban


— The FDA is working on the timing of booster immunization of the J & J COVID-19 vaccine

— Russia, WHO will vary depending on when Sputnik V approval comes

— The family of a COVID-19 patient asks the hospital to reconsider the visitor’s policy


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What else is happening:

Helena, Montana-Montana has hit a new high in the number of people hospitalized with COVID-19-510.

The number reported on Wednesday exceeded the record high of 506 hospitalizations recorded on November 20, 2020, before the coronavirus vaccine became available.


Governor Greg Gianforte issued a statement urging Montanas to be vaccinated, adding that “we have no obligation to them.”

Meanwhile, the school district in Livingston, Montana, has moved middle and high school classes to distance learning to slow the spread of the coronavirus to students. Authorities said few students used masks.

On Tuesday, the school board decided to provide distance education to 740 middle and high school students until October 25, as there are 17 cases of coronavirus each at Park High School and Sleeping Giant Middle School.


Honolulu-It’s not clear whether government officials will allow it to be held in December, but the organizers are planning a Honolulu Marathon.

Hawaii Public Radio reports that marathon organizers are dissatisfied with Honolulu’s relaxation of pandemic-related restrictions on large-scale events, but both the Governor of Hawaii and the Mayor of Honolulu usually attend. It does not explicitly state whether thousands of participants can run a marathon.


In 2019, the Honolulu Marathon was attended by more than 33,000 runners, including more than 16,000 from Japan.

Recently, other major marathons have been held in Boston and Chicago.


After the San Diego-Biden administration announced that it would reopen the US border next month, embarrassed business owners and families separated by unnecessary travel bans are celebrating.

Cross-border travel from Canada and Mexico has been primarily restricted to workers whose work is considered essential. The new rules allow fully vaccinated foreigners to enter the United States, regardless of why it begins in early November.

Unlike air travel, which requires proof that the COVID-19 test is negative before boarding an airplane to enter the United States, if the traveler meets the vaccination requirements, by land or sea. No inspection is required to enter the United States.

The 19-month coronavirus restriction had economic, social and cultural implications and prevented relatives from shopping and cross-border family gatherings when they lived on different sides of the border.


In Del Rio, Texas, Mexican visitors make up about 65% of retail sales, said Blanca Larson, managing director of the Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Department in a city of 35,000 people. “Along the border, we’re more like one community than two different communities,” she said.

Fully vaccinated U.S. citizens and permanent residents have been waiting at least two weeks after receiving their second vaccination and will enter Canada in August if they can show evidence of recent COVID-19 negatives. Is allowed. Mexico does not implement coronavirus invasion procedures for land travelers.


Portland, Maine-Federal judges refused to intervene on Wednesday to stop Democratic Governor Janet Mills from requiring healthcare workers to vaccinate COVID-19 by the end of the month.

Judge John Levy of the U.S. District Court said that all nine plaintiffs meet the legal criteria of an injunction to suspend or lose their jobs from the requirement of being fully vaccinated by October 29. It states that it is not.


Levy determined that the records show that regular testing alone is not sufficient to prevent the spread of delta variants.

“The transmission rate of the delta variant exceeds the availability of test results,” he writes. According to him, daily inspections should use rapid inspections, which are inaccurate and undersupplied.

The judge concluded that the plaintiff could not show that the injunction was in the public interest or was likely to win if the proceedings proceeded. Liberty Counsel, who filed a proceeding in August, vowed to appeal.


Bucharest, Romania-Doctors in Bucharest have issued an open letter entitled “Cry of Despair” as the country’s overwhelming medical system deals with record cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

The University of Doctors in Bucharest wrote a letter to a Romanian who said the medical system had “reached its limits”.

On Wednesday, Romania confirmed 15,733 new infections and 390 deaths, bringing the total number of deaths to 40,461. Data from health officials show that more than 90% of coronavirus patients who died last week were unvaccinated.


Hungary has agreed to provide care to dozens of COVID-19 patients from Romania in the coming days to ease the burden on the hospital.

Dragos Zaharia, a primary care physician at the Marius Nasta Respiratory Institute in Bucharest, believes Romanian authorities should have hired a “famous personality” to lead the country’s vaccination campaign.

“Only an anonymous man is leading the fight,” Zaharia told The Associated Press. “It’s a pain for us when we know that many dead could have been alive if vaccinated.”


Boston — More than 800 people working in Boston have been suspended unpaid for failing to comply with the city’s coronavirus vaccine obligations.

Deputy Mayor Kim Janny announced in August that approximately 18,000 employees in the city would need to show evidence of vaccination or undergo regular inspections.

According to Jenny, suspended employees who missed Tuesday’s first deadline came from five “public” institutions, including the public school department, library, youth family center, disability committee, and age committee. That is. She said workers who continue to ignore mandates face retirement. The faculty alone has about 11,000 employees.


The city has plans to address the potential shortage of workers, which so far accounts for less than 1% of workers. Suspended employees can return to work by providing evidence of negative testing.


Geneva — According to the World Health Organization, the number of cases of coronavirus worldwide declined last week and continues to decline, beginning in late August.

In the latest weekly assessment of the pandemic released Wednesday, the United Nations Health Agency said last week there were about 2.8 million new cases and 46,000 confirmed deaths, down 7% and 10%, respectively. .. Case numbers were reported to increase by 7% in Europe, but decreased in all other parts of the world.

According to the WHO, Europe also had the highest number of deaths last week, with COVID-19 deaths increasing by 11%. According to WHO, the UK, Turkey and Russia had the most new cases reported in Europe.

The largest reduction in the number of cases occurred in Africa and the Western Pacific, with the number of cases decreasing by 32% and 27%, respectively. Deaths in both regions have fallen by more than a third.



Washington — The Food and Drug Administration is working on a way to determine the booster dose of the single-shot Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine.

Other manufacturers want to provide booster immunity 6 months after the primary vaccination. However, J & J has proposed a period ranging from 2 to 6 months. In a review posted Wednesday, FDA scientists did not reach a firm conclusion because of the flaws in J & J’s data.

On Thursday and Friday, the FDA Advisory Board recommends whether to support boosters for both the J & J and Moderna vaccines. Additional doses of Pfizer’s vaccine are already available to certain Americans.

Pfizer and Modana have provided most of the US COVID-19 vaccine. Over 170 million Americans were fully vaccinated with these two shots, while less than 15 million Americans received J & J shots.


Moscow — The head of the Russian sovereign wealth fund states that Russia is ready to provide up to 300 million doses of Sputnik V vaccine to the UN-backed COVAX initiative.


This is despite the lack of WHO approval and concerns around the world regarding the production of the Sputnik V vaccine. Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, and the World Health Organization gave very different views on Wednesday about when Russian vaccines would get a stamp of WHO approval.

Sputnik V is already in use in 70 countries around the world, even though it has not yet been approved by the United Nations Health Organization. Officials in the country, especially in Latin America, have expressed concern that the second shot of the vaccine to properly inoculate people will not be in time.


MIAMI — A family of COVID-19 patients is asking hospitals to rethink their visitor policies a year and a half after a pandemic that killed 716,000 people in the United States.

Relatives say they have been denied the right to be with their loved ones at a crucial time. Doctors are also increasingly instructing hospitals to relax restrictions so that patients can see their families.


At least half a dozen state hospitals have relaxed restrictions on managing visits to COVID patients. However, some are in a solid position, supported by research and industry groups that point out that such policies are important for keeping nosocomial infections low.

The University of Utah announced this year that up to two adult visitors across the hospital will be allowed to wear protective equipment and recently recover from vaccination or the virus. Many hospitals make exceptions only for dying coronavirus patients.


Moscow-Russia has recorded 984 deaths per day from the coronavirus amid slow vaccination rates.

We have recorded several record daily deaths in the last few weeks. With 28,717 confirmed cases reported Wednesday, the infection surged to nearly the highest ever.

The Kremlin believes that increased infections and deaths are due to delayed vaccination. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said Tuesday that about 29% of the country’s about 146 million people were completely vaccinated.


President Vladimir Putin emphasized the need to raise immunization rates on Tuesday, but he also warned against forcing people to vaccinate. Health experts believe that the slow pace of vaccination is due to widespread skepticism and disinformation about the vaccine.

The Kremlin ruled out a new national blockade similar to the one that severely crippled the economy and undermined Putin’s reputation during the first months of the pandemic. Delegated authority to enforce coronavirus restrictions to local authorities.

Increasing infections are increasing pressure on Russia’s health care system. Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said in a cabinet meeting Tuesday that 11% of Russia’s 235,000 hospitalized COVID-19 patients are in serious or serious condition.

Russia’s Coronavirus Response Headquarters has confirmed more than 7.8 million cases and 219,329 deaths. This is the highest death toll in Europe. Russia has the confirmed global death toll, followed by the United States (718,000), Brazil (601,000), India (451,000) and Mexico (283,000).

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There is no tax exemption for San Fran so far.City workers

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