There are no great expectations or guarantees as USWNT exposes Matildas’ weaknesses.Matildas

As soon as it was trapped, the Saturday afternoon meeting between Australia and the United States Women’s National Team (USWNT) was positioned to celebrate the present and future of Australian women’s football. However, when he defeated Matildas 3-0, the United States provided another powerful reminder for Australian Rules football. Despite the high expectations that the Home World Cup is imminent, the future is not guaranteed.

With 36,109 fans watching, the United States, which recorded the highest number of spectators in a women’s soccer match in Australia, was very pleased to ruin the host’s party and simply excels at the moment of counting. Proved to be a team. Ashley Hatch, Rose Lavelle, Lindsey Horan’s approach to claiming clinical victory behind the goal of “achieving her goal of” silence “a crowd of hostile homes) with some miserable errors. Take advantage of simplicity.

It was a performance that was essentially little dominant. Australia enjoyed a 15-minute patch towards the end of the first half. There, they could have been able to tilt the game to their advantage if they were more clinical, but it didn’t have to be.

19-year-old Courtney Nevin and 17-year-old debut Jessica Nash tapped Matildas coach Tony Gustavsson because of the absence of first-choice centre-back pairings Alanna Kennedy and Clare Polkinghorne. And started from the defensive center of his team. Nash the 13th Debutante in 2021. Sadly for the teenage pair, this bow as a defensive duo wasn’t auspicious within seconds-as Hatch gathered passes from Lynn Williams and fired over keeper Teagan Mika. I sneaked into the back and became a helpless observer. Arriving just 24 seconds after referee Hyun Jung-o blew the whistle was Matildas’ second fastest goal to date in a competitive match. Only Canada’s 20-second effort at Rio 2016 took place more quickly.

Samantha greets members of a strong crowd of 36,000 after losing to the United States on Saturday. Photo: Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

The centre-back problem has proven to be a constant and annoying problem for Matildas. The problem domain where the solution remains frustratingly ambiguous despite the best efforts. Since starting his tenure in early 2021, Gustafsson has chopped up both personnel and formations to deal with the backline, which has scored 36 goals in 15 games. But for green and gold lovers, the problems the Swedes showed in their first friendly match were dealt with earlier this year-including a 5-2 defeat to Germany and a 5-0 defeat to the Netherlands. I did-in conclusion, I will continue to challenge. Disturbingly, they have existed against both the technical proficiency of European opponents and the pace and power of the United States.

But what’s a little obscured by the foibles in the backline is the midfield, which struggles to break the set’s defenses and control the tempo of the game outside of the transition phase. Not only does this have a clear impact on the attacker, but it also increases the reliance on the forward and creates moments that break individual games, as well as giving control of the pace of the game to the enemy to defend behind. Apply pressure. Virtue, the area of ​​the park where the ball is lost.

Before returning to what Gustafsson called “performance mode” when Matildas started Asia, when both of these same met in Newcastle on Tuesday, they showed some form of improvement and made a small redemption. Opportunities to raise arrive January Cup campaign.

The pressure of the World Cup qualifiers has been removed by their sponsorship, and the following year and a half can be fully devoted to improving Matildas’ trajectory.

In fact, there are two comprehensive metaphors in fiction that generally govern the relationship between the protagonist and the future, perhaps best speculated as the “Back to the Future” paradigm or “Terminator” approach. increase. In the latter interpretation, future events are unwavering and inevitable reality. No matter how many steps you take or how many changes you make, the day of judgment will arrive exactly the same. However, with the former approach, events that haven’t passed yet haven’t been finalized yet, but instead can be shaped and shaped by armed people with knowledge of what needs to be done.

Gustafsson, who styled the game as a dress rehearsal for the World Cup final at the same venue 631 days later, was given his own copy of the Glaze Sports Yearbook. If they stay on the road, they can get a glimpse of what lies on his side. Now he can work to change that-so that the day of judgment for this group does not come.

There are no great expectations or guarantees as USWNT exposes Matildas’ weaknesses.Matildas

Source link There are no great expectations or guarantees as USWNT exposes Matildas’ weaknesses.Matildas

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