The White House press delay is due to CC

The White House reporters stagnated for hours as cc broke into the engine.

Washington — Brude X cicada cannot be stopped. Winged creatures have made their presence known in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. After spending 17 years underground, they seem determined to influence.

ccc inspired a new dessert and was added to the restaurant menu. They have even been accused of car accidents in Ohio. They are due to die at the end of this month, but have not yet completed.

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On Tuesday, Bug was accused of landing a White House reporter’s plane to Europe for President Joe Biden’s first overseas trip.

The Associated Press reporter John Remir said in a tweet Tuesday: “The White House press charter flying from Dulles to Europe prior to President Biden was delayed by a few hours.

A Delta spokeswoman confirmed that the cs plane inside the engine prevented the plane from taking off, a Washington Post partner reported.

The plane reporter said he was late until around 4 am on Wednesday.

The bugs didn’t stop there. CNN reporter Natasha Bertrand tweeted a video of the president stroking cs c on his journey.

“They are now coming for POTUS,” Bertland tweeted.

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The White House press delay is due to CC

Source link The White House press delay is due to CC

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