The White House opens the COVID-19 website

The White House announced on Wednesday that it had launched a new website – COVID.gov – designed to provide the latest pandemic information as well as access to vaccines, tests, treatments and masks on a single page.

In a press release, the White House said that the Web site provides access to all the tools available to deal with COVID-19, including a list of all 90,000 vaccination sites established in the United States, links to masks and tests, and where possible. to receive COVID-19 -19 treatments. There is also a search function that can be used to find the latest information on the status of the pandemic in a particular area.

The site also offers a so-called “test-to-treat” positioning device, designed to provide access to US pharmacies and community clinics, where anyone can test COVID-19 and, if necessary, receive appropriate treatment.

The statement points out that US President Joe Biden initially announced the pilot project in his State of the Union address earlier this month, and since then his administration has opened more than 2,000 websites across the country. More than 240 locations were established in the Veteran Health Department and the Department of Defense to serve veterans, soldiers, and their families.

The White House also proposed to Congress to approve an additional $ 22 billion in emergency funding to help continue the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Officials say that over the past two weeks, due to a lack of funding, the government has already had to halt reimbursements to health care providers for treating the uninsured, cancel orders for treatments, and reduce the United States’ queue for future vaccines and next-generation treatments.

They emphasize that the cuts will disproportionately affect our most disadvantaged and at-risk residents, including minorities and people with disabilities.

The White House opens the COVID-19 website

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