The website went back online after a glitch linked to Fastly brought down the internet

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June 9, 2021

Sabrat Patnik

(Reuters) – Thousands of government, news and social media websites around the world returned online on Tuesday, but suffered a one-hour widespread outage associated with US-based cloud company Fastly Inc. I did.

According to the failure tracking website Downdetector.com, high-traffic sites such as Reddit, Amazon, CNN, PayPal, Spotify, Al Jazeera Media Network, and the have gone down. They returned after stopping early in the morning for a few minutes to about an hour in the United States, but in the morning during the day in Europe.

Fastly said:

One of the world’s most widely used cloud-based content delivery network providers, the company previously reported the “service configuration” confusion, but didn’t explain it.

“Such incidents highlight Internet vulnerabilities and reliance on fragmented technology patchwork. Ironically, this underscores its inherent strength and speed of recovery. But that’s also the case, “said Ben Wood, chief analyst at CCS Insight.

“The fact that such a power outage can make headlines around the world shows how rare it is.”

A common service configuration for cloud service providers includes updating security rules to protect information and instructing servers to update news site content before serving it to customers. Andy Champagne, senior vice president of cloud services company Akamai, said. ..

He said a simple typo could spread to thousands of servers and cause confusion.

Listed in 2019, Fastly has a market capitalization of less than $ 6 billion, but is much smaller than its peers, such as Amazon’s AWS. The company’s content delivery network (CDN) enables websites to navigate content using less congested routes and reach consumers faster.

“From a broader perspective, this is a bit positive for other CDNs and shows how difficult it is to manage a CDN,” said James Fish, an analyst at Piper Sandler and Company. I’m thinking about it. ”

Major CDN providers other than Fastly include Akamai Technologies, Cloudera, and AWS.

Neil Campling, Global TMT Analyst at Mirabeau Securities, said:

When visiting the affected website on Tuesday, the user immediately received an error message. This indicates that Fastly was not the victim of a DDoS attack, or Champagne, the type of cyberattack in which malicious actors overwhelm the network with heavy Internet traffic. Said.

The UK Attorney General has previously tweeted that the country’s major gov.uk website is down and is providing email for inquiries.

The Financial Times reported that the turmoil could have caused problems for citizens to book COVID-19 vaccines and report test results.

Websites run by media outlets such as the Financial Times, Guardian and Bloomberg News also faced a downturn.

Many of the affected websites are profiting from digital advertising. Media measurement firm Kantar estimates that websites around the world lost more than $ 29 million in digital advertising revenue per hour while they were down.

News publishers have come up with a creative workaround to report a service outage when a website fails to load.

Verge, a popular tech website, uses Google Docs to report news, and Guardian’s UK Technology Editor has launched a Twitter thread to report issues.

According to Downdetector.com, nearly 21,000 Reddit users reported social media platform issues and more than 2,000 users reported Amazon issues at the start of the outage.

Twitter users quickly responded to the outage, using KitKat’s official handle to create a #InternetShutdown hashtag and telling 441,500 followers, “I think it’s time to take a break.”

“We were offline for a few minutes because the entire internet broke down,” tweeted Jitse Groen, CEO of food delivery group Just Eat Takeaway.com.

New York-listed Fastly shares rose 7.7% after falling nearly 4% in pre-market trading.

(Reported by Sabrat Patnik of Bengaluru, Noor Zainab Hussein, Chibi Mehta, Saddam Hussein, Saddam Hussein of Stockholm, Sheila Dan of Dallas. Edited by Patrick Graham, Bernard O, Chris Reese, Nick・ Ziminsky)

The website went back online after a glitch linked to Fastly brought down the internet

Source link The website went back online after a glitch linked to Fastly brought down the internet

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