The war in Ukraine will probably last this year, says the commander of the US military

The US military chief warns that the war in Ukraine is likely to take place last year, and is concerned that the world “is becoming more volatile and the possibility of significant international conflict between superpowers is increasing, not decreasing.”

In a testimony before the House Military Committee on Tuesday, General Mark Milley, General, General Mark Milley, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “posed the greatest threat to the peace and security of Europe, and perhaps the world, in (his) 42 years. uniform service. ”

“The United States is at a very important and historic turning point in geographic policy. We need to pursue a clear policy, maintain peace with the unequivocal capacity of China or Russia,” he said, referring to the top two possible military threats to the United States.

Asked by MPs what could have prevented Russian President Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine, Milley said the only possible defense would have been to bring US forces into the country, which he would not advise as there was a risk of armed conflict with Russia.

“Frankly, apart from the commitment of US forces in Ukraine, I’m not sure he (Putin) was intimidating. This has been his long-term goal that goes back many years, “said Milley.

Lloyd Austin, the US Secretary of Defense, added that Russia’s demands, which include a ban on Ukraine’s accession to NATO and a restriction on the distribution of NATO troops and weapons on its eastern side, were unacceptable.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin speaks at the House of Commons’ Military Committee hearing on the 2023 financial year for defense, in Washington, April 5, 2022.

He and Milley confirmed that while US forces were not training Ukrainian forces inside Ukraine or in neighboring Poland, they were training them outside Ukraine, including within the United States.

The United States continues to hold talks with Ukraine “on a daily basis” and the Ukrainians have used US military assistance, including Stinger and Javelin missiles, against Russian troops and weapons, Austin told lawmakers.

“We are looking for things that can also give them an advantage in this battle and you have seen us start applying some of these things,” he said.

In addition to training Ukrainians, the United States is looking at ways to provide additional military training to non-NATO allies, such as Georgia and Finland, Austin said.

Milley told lawmakers that NATO countries on the eastern side of the alliance, such as Poland and Romania, were “very willing” to establish permanent US military bases.

“They will build them. They will pay for them,” Milley said, adding that U.S. forces could “cycle through on a rotating basis” to “influence the permanent presence of forces” without asking U.S. troops to commit to two or more. three-year distribution.

The war in Ukraine will probably last this year, says the commander of the US military

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