The United States imposes visa restrictions on more Chinese citizens

Washington – The State Department said Friday that the United States would impose visa restrictions on Chinese citizens engaged in influential activities abroad.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the restrictions apply to Chinese Communist Party officials or others participating in publicity and influential campaigns related to the United Front Work Department of the United States Communist Party.

The United Front has been involved in efforts to put pressure on those who criticize China for human rights abuses in the Uighur region and Tibet. Pompeo said his “forced tactics” included exposing personal information about critics and their families online as a means of intimidation, Pompeo said in a new restriction.

He said the bill was intended to show that “people responsible for actions that violate the rules-based international order are not welcomed in the United States.”

Restrictions are the latest disciplinary action taken against China’s leadership and economy in response to the fierce debate over human rights, coronavirus pandemics, trade, technology, Taiwan, and many other issues.

The number of people who could be subject to the new restrictions was not immediately apparent.

The move will take place the same week that the United States announced plans to set new visas for members of the Chinese Communist Party and their families, reducing travel documents from 10 years to 1 month.

China responded to these restrictions by accusing the US government of “escalation of political oppression.” Hua Chunying, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said on Thursday that travel restrictions were “completely inconsistent with the interests of the United States itself” and undermine the global image of the United States.

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The United States imposes visa restrictions on more Chinese citizens

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