The UK Space Agency begins to track employees’ experiences of bullying and harassment

Credit: Amanda Mills, USCDCP

The UK Space Agency has hired a dispute resolution team to investigate why many of its employees have experienced bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Conflict Management Plus tries to determine why nearly one in five office workers say they have experienced bullying or harassment in the past year, and nearly one in six say they suffered discrimination. Of the 101 government departments and agencies that responded to the 2021 Civil Service People Survey, UKSA had the highest proportion of staff who said they had been bullied or harassed in the workplace.

The number of middle-class employees who reported discrimination rose from 16% in 2020 to 19% last year, and those reporting discrimination from 12% to 15%.

The enforcement agency, which is part of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, has signed up to Conflict Management Plus to “look into BHD-related issues and inappropriate behavior in the UK.” Space Agency”.

CMP is working with UKSA on an analysis to “find out the underlying reasons for the opinion given through the Civil Service People Survey”, a spokesperson for the organization told the PublicTechnology sister publication. Civil Engineering World.

“This will help us to establish exactly the nature of the proposed BHD, to have a deeper understanding of the size of the company and to develop a set of proposed actions that can be done by correct the situation when those problems are identified,” they said.

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The agency’s senior leaders decided that the audit should be independent and confidential to encourage high levels of participation and increase confidence in the results of the audit, the statement added.

The central bank CMP Solutions is paying £55,000 for the three-month review, which began in June.

The central office said that the services of CMP were obtained after doing the first work between the company to understand the reasons for the 2021 survey results.

The contract is awarded without competition. This is due to the urgent need to understand and solve the problems presented in the study, said the office.

In its 2021/22 annual report, the company said that very few employees used the usual complaints procedures to raise these concerns in comparison to the high levels reported in the survey and recorded to investigate in the context of this case.

However, the survey showed that company managers are more willing to report incidents of bullying and harassment than most companies: 52% of employees said they had reported in events when they occur, compared to the civil service average of 38%.

UKSA said it took a number of “considered steps” to reduce bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace before hiring CMP, including:

Dignity and respect in job training for line managers
Regular pulse checking to gauge employee sentiment and address issues
Appreciate the work team working together with the HR team to deliver actions aimed at creating a positive work culture and “making the company a great place to work”

The agency’s chief executive, Dr Paul Bate, told CSW in May that staff across the board were “far better” than the environment the results of research and support are put in place to help those who are bullied, abused or discriminated against. , and encourage all employees to speak up.

“There’s a lot to do, and I really appreciate every member of staff for wanting to be a part of changing our business for the better,” he said. “The first priority of any leader in the center is to create a safe and inclusive environment.”

The central office is not the first agency or government organization to choose CMP to help with cultural issues.

The Cabinet Office hired the company in March to investigate a terrorism case, while the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport enlisted the company in November to conduct an independent corporate review. The Crown Commercial Service and the Ministry of Defense have also recruited the company’s services.

The UK Space Agency begins to track employees’ experiences of bullying and harassment

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