The Texans Long-Term Quarterback Predicament

Whilst there are always rumours and opinions surrounding the NFL and the movement of players, there have been a good few months of talks surrounding Deshaun Watson and what this season might mean for him. Fans of the Houston Texans will be waiting with baited breath to find out what is happening with the quarterback star and who might be replacing him should he not be playing for the team this season. Watson’s place in the team has been untenable ever since his request for a trade added to his ongoing legal issues. In general, the Houston Texan fan base have been supportive of Watson due to his skills as a player, but with more rumours coming out all the time they’ll be keen to just make sure that their team is well-placed to do well – whoever it is that plays for them.

Despite being two weeks into the season, talks of a Deshaun Watson trade have still continued, and they show no signs of stopping. In general, most players don’t get control of where they are traded, but thanks to a no-trade clause in Watson’s current contract he is able to waive that if he wishes to thrash out a deal with another team. Although there is talk of a number of teams being interested in having Watson on their books, one of the biggest rumours is that the Philadelphia Eagles want him on their books. This has led fans to wonder whether Watson should have any interest in trading his place for the Houston Texans or not.

As you might imagine there are plenty of league sources and industry insiders that have something to say about this trade and indeed any trade that they feel Watson might be interested in making. SportsTalk 790 presenter Aaron Wilson has plenty of theories. He reckons that despite rumours the Philadelphia Eagles are very unlikely to be the team that Watson trades for. Instead, he feels that either the Miami Dolphins or the Carolina Panthers would be teams that Watson would be interested in being a part of. However, according to him, the Carolina Panthers plan to stick with Sam Darnold, the quarterback they recently traded from the New York Jets.

This has been complicated somewhat by Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts and Panthers signal caller Darnold enjoying strong starts to the season, and many in Miami still wanting to see what they have in second-year leftie Tua Tagovailoa, whose performances have been up-and-down since he was taken fifth overall in the 2020 NFL draft.

In this year’s draft, the Texans took Davis Mills out of Stanford in the third round and signed veteran Tyrod Taylor to fill the QB room, and these two could certainly be options for the Texans as long-term options.

Why Is It So Tricky For Teams To Decide?

Although there is no denying that Watson has a decent playing record behind him, rumours of what happens in his private life is definitely stifling his chances of being traded to some teams. Earlier this year it was revealed that there are 22 cases of sexual assault filed against him. Although we won’t go into the exact details of these allegations it is clear that there are a number of lawsuits being filed against him, largely for events that victims say took place in 2020. With allegations of deleted Instagram messages and allegations from different women about what happened, it has most certainly made Deshaun’s sporting career a tricky one to make a decision on. Watson has denied all allegations and so has his attorney.

 What Does This Mean For Watson?

Although it is thought that several teams are attempting to carry out some form of due diligence to protect themselves should Watson become one of their players. However, the truth is that reputation-wise most teams will be reluctant to have him on their team pending the outcome of the lawsuits that have been recently filed. Earlier this year when these rumours first came to the surface Nike immediately removed their sponsorship deal with Deshaun Watson and publically released a statement to say that they would no longer be working with the NFL star.

 What Does This Mean for The Houston Texans?

Currently, it is hard to know exactly what this means for the team – because realistically a trade to another NFL team is unlikely with all of this hanging over Watson’s head. This means that Watson is likely to stick around and play for the Houston Texans for the foreseeable future. After all, every team has their reputation to protect and won’t want to risk the allegations coming out as true – especially given the large volume of lawsuits currently filed. As CBS’ Jason LaConfora said: “I don’t think you’re going to see Deshaun Watson in an NFL building for a long time, certainly not until there’s more clarity.

“This is a legal situation. This is a league situation. This is a civil situation. I don’t think Deshaun Watson has any short-term future playing football. Long-term, I think, will depend on these various findings and how some of the cases are adjudicated.”

 Who Will Replace Deshaun Watson?

With no decision made yet on whether Watson will trade, or play for the Houston Texans at all it is impossible to say who will be taking over. However, fans will have an idea of who they would love to take the place of the quarterback star and industry insiders will have their own opinions too.

The Texans will be pleased with the start Tyrod Taylor has made this season, shining in their week one victory over division rivals Jacksonville Jaguars and playing well in week two against the Cleveland Browns before he went down with injury. While no one likes seeing any sportsman getting injured, this will give Houston the opportunity to see what they have in their rookie QB Davis Mills, who looks set to make his first pro start in week three against the Carolina Panthers. Mills impressed in relief of Taylor against Cleveland, throwing for 101 yards and a touchdown, leading star receiver Brandin Cooks to say he “did a great job.”

With Watson’s ongoing legal issues and the fact he has made it clear he no longer wants to play in Houston, the Texans quarterback situation will continue to generate interest. Whether they go with Taylor, Mills or even select a new quarterback with their first round pick in 2022 as their long term option, it’s fair to assume Deshaun Watson has played his last snap as a Texan.

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