The Tesla Xpeng Nio BYD is the best-selling electric vehicle in 2021.

A Tesla sales representative (L) speaks to a visitor sitting in a Tesla Model Y car at the Tesla Showroom in Beijing on January 5, 2021.

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Beijing-Tesla ranked second among the top three best-selling electric vehicle models in China. This is shown by industry data for the first three quarters of the year.

According to data released Wednesday by the China Passenger Car Association, this far outperforms the rivals of start-ups such as Xpeng and Nio.

According to the Passenger Car Association, Elon Musk automakers have sold more than 200,000 electric vehicles in China in the last three quarters. Model Y has 92,933 units and Model 3 has 111,751 units.

China accounted for about one-fifth of Tesla’s revenue last year. A US-based automaker began delivering its second Chinese-made vehicle, the Model Y, earlier this year. The company also launched a cheaper version of the car in July.

Tesla’s stock has risen nearly 15% so far this year, while US-listed Nio’s stock has fallen by more than 25%, while Xpeng has fallen by nearly 7% in the meantime.

On a monthly basis, data showed that in September China’s best-selling electric vehicle remained on budget Hongguang Mini. This is a compact car developed by a joint venture between General Motors and SAIC-GM-Wuling and SAIC Motor, a state-owned company.

The Tesla Model Y is China’s second-selling electric vehicle in September, followed by the older Tesla Model 3, as data from the Passenger Car Association show.

Sales of new energy vehicles (categories including hybrid and battery-only vehicles) increased in support of Beijing’s industry. However, passenger car sales fell below the same month last year for the fourth straight month in September.

According to data from the Passenger Car Association, BYD, a Chinese battery and electric vehicle company, dominated the best-selling list of new energy vehicles in September, accounting for five of the top 15 units sold.

Xpeng’s P7 sedan was ranked 10th, but none of Nio’s models were on the top 15 list. In fact, Nio hasn’t been on its monthly list since May, when Nio ES6 was ranked 15th.

Some in China’s automobile industry have questioned the accuracy of the association’s numbers.

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This is a list of the 15 best-selling new energy vehicle associations in China in the first three quarters of 2021.

1. Hiromitsu Mini (SAIC-GM-Goryo)
2. Model 3 (Tesla)
3. Model Y (Tesla)
4. Han (BYD)
5. Qin Plus DM-i (BYD)
6. Li One (Li Auto)
7. BamBam EV (Chang’an)
8. Aion S (GAC motor spin-off)
9. eQ
10. Ora Black Cat (Great Wall Motors)
11. P7 (Xpeng)
12. Song DM (BYD)
13. Nezha V (Hozon Auto)
14. Wise (SAIC Roewe)
15. Qin Plus EV (BYD)

The Tesla Xpeng Nio BYD is the best-selling electric vehicle in 2021.

Source link The Tesla Xpeng Nio BYD is the best-selling electric vehicle in 2021.

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