The strike of the BNSF trade union was blocked by the judge

One judge said the strike could hurt “every American” because of the damage it could do to the economy.

FORT WORTH, Texas – A federal judge has extended an order barring the two largest trade unions in the BNSF from going on strike this month due to the railway’s new attendance policy.

The judge ruled that the strike, which represents 17,000 BNSF employees, would violate federal law because the issue is a minor dispute over their contracts.

The unions claimed that the new rules, which take effect on February 1, prevent workers from getting sick during a pandemic and punish workers for being fired for any reason. However, the judge’s ruling on Tuesday means that they will have to resolve their concerns through arbitration or negotiations.

Judge Mark Pittman said the strike would hurt “every American” because it could hurt the economy and all businesses that rely on the BNSF to deliver their products.

The presidents of the Locomotive Engineers and Trainers Brotherhood and the Transport Department of the Levha Metal, Air, Railway and Transport Trade Unions said in a joint statement that they were “outraged” by the decision and would appeal.

BNSF, based in Fort Worth, Texas, said employees could still take time off and deal with their off-duty duties under the new rules, which would help ensure there are enough workers to operate their trains.

The railway said the decision would help it serve its customers and deliver the country’s goods.

Headquartered in Fort Worth, BNSF is one of the largest railroads in the United States and operates 32,500 miles in 28 western states.

The strike of the BNSF trade union was blocked by the judge

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