The state of Texas has approved the war announcement, according to a sheriff’s statement regarding the cartel’s control of the raid.

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The state of Texas confirmed this week that it said the problem was an “invasion” on the southern border, which is part of a growing number of border officials to make a state announcement – according to The county police said the cartels were in control. the flow of the stranger.

Goliad County was one of the counties that declared last week an attack. This week, the county commission approved the proclamation, demanding that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott will make a speech for the state.

Some Republican officials and lawyers at the state and federal levels have described the crisis as an attack – pointing to the large number of deadly drugs such as fentanyl coming into the U.S. and the number of visitors.

Officials and judges have argued that announcing an attack would allow state governments in Arizona, Texas and elsewhere to increase powers and remove immigrants from the country. Gov. Greg Abbott coined the word “invasion” in an enforcement order allowing the return of foreigners to the border, but it was not an invasion statement.


A group of pedestrians are being led out of the jungle onto a highway near Hidalgo, Texas by the Texas National Guard.
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Rep. Michael Cloud, R -Texas, who will replace Goliad County if re -elected next year, has backed the county’s move with a standard of support – a he described the Biden administration as “abandoning their work to protect and secure. our homeland.”

“The Biden administration continues American calls for increased border security as criminal cartels are exploiting and attacking our nation,” Cloud told Fox News Digital in a statement. “Texas has a right to defend itself, and Goliad is my full support in declaring an attack.”

Goliad County Sheriff Roy Boyd told Fox News Digital that the situation has improved in recent months, pointing to a number of cartels and transnational criminal organizations that are organizing man and woman. with drug smuggling.

“Transnational crime is organized, and it’s an attack on how many people are coming,” he said.

“The cartel is demanding more people to grow up in our country,” he said. “And we can’t just stand by and agree to work.”

Boyd did not care about the impact of the crisis on the community, but on the immigrants themselves – who often saw when they entered the U.S. that they were placed in hard slavery to trade. renew their independence.

TEXAS GOV. ABBOTT is not enforcing the law to return illegal aliens to the border.

“They entered into an agreement with the cartel to come to our country with the law, commit crimes and then commit other crimes along the way. You have another $ 10,000.”

He described the appalling conditions where foreigners live in one -bedroom apartments filled with 20 people, and are forced to walk eight to 13 years to buy their independence. He complained to the US government for encouraging its use and predicted there would be dire consequences if the situation was allowed to continue.

“Everyone is made in the image of God. No one has the right to put anyone in bondage,” he said. “But we find ourselves in a situation where … our government is encouraging the importation of a peon board that lives in the shade.”

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“As human beings made in the image of God, government is not from our rights.” And so these people will sometimes stand up and demand their freedom, and they demand that they have it. they have the opportunity of the American Dream. The Bible says, let us reap what we sow and weep for what we have allowed to do in this land – for it is sinful to God and sinful to man and We cannot do this in our country. if we are to perpetuate the independent kingdom which has fallen under the grace of the Lord. “

The state of Texas has approved the war announcement, according to a sheriff’s statement regarding the cartel’s control of the raid.

Source link The state of Texas has approved the war announcement, according to a sheriff’s statement regarding the cartel’s control of the raid.

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