The Shedding Season: You need a robot vacuum that sucks and sterilizes all the pet hair

Is there hair somewhere, if not everywhere, on your floor right now? Well, pets shed worse in fall as they change from the summer coat to a winter coat. And the hair doesn’t stay still on the floor; it chases you onto the sofa, bed, diner table… just to make some innocent contact.

It may be merely annoying for some. But for other family members prone to allergies, it’s a disaster: rhinitis, coughs, itchy and tearing eyes, skin rashes… Because the hair is a convenient ride for allergy triggers like dander, dust mites, pollen, molds, germs, and the like.

You need a robot vacuum that sucks and sterilizes all the pet hair

And it’s impossible to clean the hair as the pets are shedding non-stop. Years ago, you could only daydream of a robot that cleans 7/24 after your pet and keeps allergens from getting to you at all. Now we do have one: it captures hair whenever and wherever you like, empties it into an enclosed bag in the dust station, and then sterilizes the bag that holds 60 days of daily waste.

You need a robot vacuum that sucks and sterilizes all the pet hair

This robot vacuum, Xiaomi ROIDMI Eve Plus, comes from the Xiaomi Ecological Chain. The auto dust disposal and sterilization system earns it ‘the most considerate robovac’ from the customers. It even started a Twitter debate on whether dust storage is necessary for robot vacuum. Since you asked involuntarily, yes, most people love this feature. But among all the robot vacuums, why does Xiaomi ROIDMI Eve Plus stand out?

It’s simply more convenient and powerful.

You can APP schedule tasks (and set key areas) for it, or press the power button to kick it up whenever you walk by. You can tell it to vacuum, mop, or vacuum then mop. It won’t complain.

The Shedding Season: You need a robot vacuum that sucks and sterilizes all the pet hair

It brags about its two side brushes though, calling itself the LeBron James of robovacs. And the 2,700pa suction, which is indeed a gift comparing to its fellow-bots. It mops in a Y-route, like people normally do, because won’t let any embedded dander remain on the floor. Whether in the kitchen and dining room or under the sofa and bed, it’s able to clean it timely, thoroughly, and deeply.

It’s proud the most of its home base. The dust disposal system kicks off when it docks back. Within 12 seconds, the allergy-triggering mix of hair, dust mites, and microbes will be emptied into the dust station. After that, the Deodorizing-particle Generator will sterilize the hair collected and any ‘passengers’ on it. From hair cleaning to sterilizing, this robot vacuum does all the work automatically. All that hair entangling your fingers, carrying dander and dust, making you sneeze and cough… you can finally put it all behind you,

Doctors suggest that pet owners, especially those who are prone to allergies, should use robot vacuums for hair cleaning. And Xiaomi ROIDMI Eve Plus is a good choice. Google it, the price of this powerful robovac will surprise you.

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