The San Antonians are uniting to help the people of Ukraine

SAN ANTONIO – On March 10, less than a month after the start of the war in Ukraine, the life of Maxim Povemenky changed.

“His son was crushed with these concrete slabs that firefighters could not remove by hand without special equipment,” Maxime told Zoom, speaking through an interpreter.

Maxime shared that his 15-year-old son Ivan was crushed by concrete walls after the Russians allegedly bombed the fire station where he and others were staying.

“His right leg was below the knee, he had an open broken bone. “His left leg was completely crushed,” said Maxim. “His left hand, the palm of his skin. The skin was completely peeled off so you could see the tendons on his palm.

When Ivan was released, he was rushed to a hospital and then transported to Poland while waiting to come to the United States for further treatment.

“His condition is not stable. So he can’t travel to the United States. So he is currently stuck in Poland, “he said.


The story of Maxim and Ivan is among thousands of others in Ukraine and inspires people here to return.

“It will cost a little more than $ 300,000,” said Olenka Bravo, co-founder of San Antonio, Ukraine.

“San Antonio residents donated more than $ 17,000 to send medical supplies to Ukraine,” said Lilia Colston, a Ukrainian lawyer.

The Ukrainian San Antonio and the Ukrainian Society in San Antonio have hosted numerous medical supplies and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to send them directly to the people of Ukraine and purchase the necessary supplies.

“We bought mini ultrasounds for hospitals. We sent a lot of money to feed the people. We send a lot of money for emergency medical kits, “Bravo explained.


Although the number of donations has slowed since the beginning of the war, people and businesses here continue to offer support.

“Every time we see that ‘we are with Ukraine’, either people who give us money or people who don’t know us, they like to give us thousands of dollars. We are crying, ā€¯Bravo said.

“I would even say magic because so many people responded with kindness and so many people showed their support,” Colston said.

There are more opportunities for help.

San Antonio, Ukraine, hosted a medical drive Monday from 9:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. at UT Health San Antonio, located at 7703 Floyd Curl Drive.

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The San Antonians are uniting to help the people of Ukraine

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