The New York driver who shot the police officers has been charged

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A driver has been charged with shooting at police during a long drive on the streets of Buffalo that ended with the sale of guns on Wednesday in five counts of attempted murder.

The pursuit took place on March 29 after three police officers were beaten, including Kente Bell. An investigation by the district attorney’s office found two of those officers were caught in the fire, Erie County District Attorney John Flynn told a news conference announcing the charges.

Bell, 28, was charged with driving while in a car, and then called by police as they chased him in neighborhoods and on the streets for 20 minutes. complaint, he ran into a police station and drove through several Buffalo neighborhoods before his car crashed.

The chase ended in ice in front of a police officer at a Buffalo club. Bell was shot in the neck, arm, leg and arm and is still alive. The three policemen who were beaten were not seriously injured.

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Bell fired about 14 shots from his car. Because he was partially ill, Bell drove a car that did not require him to use his legs, Flynn said.

Three Buffalo, New York, police officers were shot dead Tuesday evening.

The district attorney said 16 police officers fired the shots, most in the area of ​​the accident. However, he did not know how many keys the police had.


Bell was first charged a few days after the chase. He was charged Wednesday with five counts of first -degree murder and two counts of possession of a weapon, among other charges.

Bell was ordered to be detained without bail. A statement was called to Bell’s attorney.

Flynn said there was no crime against any of the officers, although he said not all of them responded correctly.

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“There’s no criminal law that reflects common sense, and so I can’t sue any Buffalo police officer for violating common sense,” Flynn said.

The New York driver who shot the police officers has been charged

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