The new Apple iPhone 13 has one highly underrated upgrade

Wild, I know. For iPhone 13 and 13 Mini (shown above), you can choose from Pink, Blue, Midnight, Starlight, and PRODUCT (RED). I haven’t listed those colors in the order shown in the photo above, but you can calculate them.

For iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max (shown below), you can choose from graphite, gold, silver, and Sierra Blue to replace last year’s dark green.

Color options for iPhone Pro and Pro Max.

The screen of iPhone 13 is excellent in many ways

Apple’s new cinematic mode in action.

For example, the notch (the black uvula hanging from the top of the screen) is now 20 percent (not the whole) smaller. According to Apple, the screen has a ceramic coating that makes it stronger than any other smartphone’s glass. (You may not need to know exactly how strong you are.)

Also, the screen refresh rate is now variable. The refresh rate is a measure of how often your screen updates your image. In many cases, it means a smoother experience, from watching videos to scrolling through menus and Instagram feeds. However, higher refresh rates also shorten battery life. Apple has traditionally lags behind its competitors with a refresh rate of 60Hz, compared to 120Hz for better Android phones. So it did a very Apple thing and created a screen that can be maxed out at 120Hz when it makes sense, but for example, to check the time on the lock screen, juice Drink down to 10Hz. This is a bit of knowledgeable engineering and one of the reasons for the best improvements to the iPhone 13 …

Biggest upgrade: The battery life of iPhone 13 has been greatly improved!

time Better. Specifically, the iPhone Mini 13 and iPhone 13 Pro should last 1.5 hours longer than last year’s model for the average user, while the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Max should last 2.5 hours longer. Some of them have to do with larger batteries. But it also has to do with all the small tweaks made throughout the system. use Less juice. To understand the magnitude of this achievement, we really need to understand the energy density of batteries and the laws governing the current state of battery science.

The new Apple iPhone 13 has one highly underrated upgrade

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