The new Apple iMac wants me to be 3% happy and it’s working a bit

I also miss some of the most obsessive parts of computer design, thanks to the wall-facing desk setup, as Hanky ​​reminds me. There is a stand: Rugged aluminum, mounted low on the back of a 11.5mm thin screen. “That position took a very long time for us to understand correctly,” says Hanky. “And we made a mistake for a long time. Perhaps we created 100 models of the stand. How the stand is connected to the product and related to the hinges.” Older, thicker iMac Had to be hinged from a high position on the back of the screen and bent into place. In profile, the new iMac has Simone Biles attitude (upright, core supported) after landing Double Yurchenko.

Stands and hinges that Hanky ​​and her team were crazy about.

Other Apple-inspired “Oh, Like!” New iMac moments include a color-matched keyboard Touch ID button with the option to use my fingerprint instead of a password. A webcam that actually (finally!) Has high resolution and looks like everyone else using Zoom is using a foldable cell phone.Magnetically back plug-in plinks As Borchers points out, you only need to put it in the right place once.

Speaking of Borchers, why his response to my question about color nowTwenty years later, the focus is on a changing audience, not on design or aesthetic issues. “There are a lot of customers who have never thought about desktop computers. They grew up on iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, etc. But desktop ideas.”-And here he’s a fictional millennial or younger smartphone. Start channeling later shoppers, perhaps college students and recent graduates.Why do i want something like that to sit there” Along It, Borchers means a space-consuming, appliance-grade, work desktop like everyone else.

Apple uses color for personality, connection, and aesthetics, but it also uses it to draw a soft line between products for Powerhouse Work and products for Creation. When they see the new iMac, Apple wants to reduce email and Slack and think more about Lightroom and Photoshop, Garageband and Ableton Live.Candy tone quietly whispers words creatorrrr In your eyes. I wouldn’t be surprised if next year’s MacBook Air comes in the same lucky charm marshmallow color set as the iMac. *

This color theory as a way to make the device feel more brilliant and more personal makes it worthy of its first iMac G3 Smithonian. At that time, as it is now, color counteracted the general feeling that sitting on a desktop computer was a real drug. And I’m taken: When I see the blue chin of my lender’s iMac baby under the screen in a white frame, near or from the other side of the room (aka my kitchen), I 3% happier than me otherwise. And I’m 100% happy that it’s not a moody aluminum workstation in my living room office.

* Note that neither Hankey nor Borchers (or anyone else remotely associated with Apple) is saying a single syllable that can be interpreted in this direction. I just put my thoughts out, so I said, “I said so.”

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The new Apple iMac wants me to be 3% happy and it’s working a bit

Source link The new Apple iMac wants me to be 3% happy and it’s working a bit

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