The mother of a police officer who died after January 6 requested a 1/6 committee

Washington – Republicans commissioned in a January 6 riot, despite both bipartisan efforts to bail out the bill and a last-minute push by the mother of a parliamentary police officer who died after the siege. Ready to block the law that creates.

Senate leader Chuck Schumer set up a procedural vote on the bill on Thursday, seeking support from the Republicans after 35 Republican colleagues voted in the House of Representatives. However, it is unlikely that the Democratic Party will get the 10 Republican votes needed to approve an independent investigation. This is a remarkable event just months after the worst attack on the Capitol for more than 200 years.

The bill passed by the House of Representatives investigates what happened when hundreds of former President Donald Trump’s supporters broke into the Capitol and blocked President Joe Biden’s proof of victory. We have set up a party panel.


On Wednesday, Parliamentary police officer Brian Sicknick’s mother said she would meet with lawmakers prior to voting and try to persuade them to act. Sicknick collapsed shortly after engaging the mob and died the next day.

“While all MPs and senators who oppose this bill visit my son’s grave at Arlington National Cemetery, what their harmful decisions will do to the officers who are there for them in the future. I encourage you to think about what to do, “said Gladys Sicknick Wednesday. “Politics aside, don’t they want to know the truth about what happened on January 6th?”

A few Republicans, including Utah Senator Mitt Romney and Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, said they supported the commission. Others, including Maine Senator Susan Collins, said they were working on a small adjustment to the bill in an attempt to collect more votes. But so far, we haven’t been able to get additional support.


Negotiations come as Republicans generally struggle to respond to the rebellion as they support the bill and many of their parties remain loyal to Trump. The former president told supporters to “fight like hell” to overturn his defeat on the morning of January 6, and his allegations were refuted by courts and election authorities across the country, but the elections were stolen. I repeatedly said that I was sick.

Most Republicans are expected to follow the leadership of Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, who addressed the issue in harsh political terms on Tuesday after meeting with his caucuses. McConnell said Democrats promoting the committee should sue Mr. Trump’s actions, “want to continue discussing what has happened in the past,” and act to prevent it. It was. The Democratic Party claimed control of the Senate in January.


Trump opposes the bill, calling it a Democratic “trap.” He urged his fellow Republicans to do the same.

McConnell voted in February to admit that he had instigated Trump after the House of Representatives impeached, but shortly after that vote, the former president was “practically and morally responsible for causing the events of the day. There is. ” He said last week that he was “open” to the House bill forming a committee, but he came up against it the next day.

Collins said he’s working with other senators to find a compromise, and West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin is one of those efforts, according to two people familiar with informal talks. It is a department. People discussed private negotiations on condition of anonymity.

In a statement with moderate Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema, Manchin said the attack was “terrifying” and the bipartisan committee was an “important step.”


Four of the riots died during the riot. Among them is a woman who was shot and killed by police when she tried to break into a room in her house while a member of the Diet was still inside.

Dozens of officers defending the Capitol were brutally beaten by the mob as the mob easily pushed them away and invaded the building, and Sicknick died the next day. The video shows two men spraying chemicals on him and another police officer, but a Washington inspector general said Sicknick suffered a stroke and died of natural cause. It was. The man was charged with assaulting a police officer.

Collins’ proposal focused on two issues cited by Republican senators for opposition. They want the panel staff to be evenly divided between the parties so that their work does not spread to the year of the midterm elections.

The House bill is already trying to address these two issues, with a Democratic-appointed chair requiring consultation with the Republican Party when hiring staff, with a 2021 end date for the Commission to publish its findings. It is set on December 31, 2014. And the commissioner is five Democrats and five Republicans, evenly divided among the parties. But many Republicans say they still don’t believe it will be a bipartisan effort.


“I want to see the commission, but I need it. I have a lot of unanswered questions,” Collins said Wednesday. “I’m working very hard to get the Republican vote.”

North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis received the text of the proposal from Collins, but said it was “unlikely” to support the bill. He said he believed the year-end deadline was unrealistic.

The Republican Party also pointed out a bipartisan Senate report to be released next month, saying it was sufficient to resolve the parliamentary security issue. Reports by the Senate Rules Committee and the Senate Land Government Affairs Committee are expected to focus on the mistakes made by law enforcement and security forces in the Houses of Parliament.

Democratic Senator Gary Peters said his panel’s report was important, but aimed at identifying ways to quickly secure the Capitol. He said there was still more work to be done.


“We will be able to dig deeper into what led to the attack on the Capitol and really spend the kind of time needed to make a very thorough assessment,” Peters said. ..

It is currently unclear whether Schumer will accept to consider amending the law if the Senate moves forward. He reiterated that the procedural vote would indicate “where all members are standing” about the rebellion, indicating that Democrats would take advantage of the Republican position against them.

“It’s not just about cleaning January 6 under the carpet,” Schumer said.


Associated Press writers Alan Fram, Colleen Long, and Lisa Mascaro contributed to this report.

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The mother of a police officer who died after January 6 requested a 1/6 committee

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