The most unusual collaboration in the history of recent sneakers

Oh, collaboration! Brand identity tête-à-tête, a twisted story of two labels exchanging iconography. But they are now a trendy staple, entering the realm of clichés and hitting a deadlock in existence. Still, they don’t go anywhere, so what does it mean for the two designers to make something … “together”?

A new pair of hilarious (and very good) collaboration sneakers from Kiko Kostadinov and Kyle Ng’s Brain Dead offers a pretty great answer. Ng wore the left shoe and Kostadinov wore the right shoe. ASICSport GEL-Fratelli: Two mismatched shoes come together.

Kostadinov is a Bulgarian-born London-based philosopher and avant-garde king of fashion. Ng is a lively post-punk behind Los Angeles-based streetwear brand Brain Dead. They basically wanted to work together from the moment they met in Paris a few years ago. “We really don’t have to talk about clothes or fashion,” Ng says of their friendship. “And, I [sense] The sense of humor is very similar — we like to be stupid. I don’t get to know people in the industry very much, and some Kiko don’t seem to be friends in the industry. “

“We have brands that need to match what we want to do,” adds Costa Dinov, who is typically meditative. “It wasn’t just like, Oh, I and Kyle are going to throw cardboard on the street.. Like Kyle, I make products that represent my brand, my team, and those who like my clothes. Or, to put it another way, “I think both brands have a kind of enthusiastic supporter, or just pretty enthusiastic people.”


Courtesy of Kiko Kostadinov.

But that didn’t mean they decided to be super serious for their first partnership. This is “because it’s more capricious, let’s do something interesting,” says Ng.

Ng is actually thinking about shoe discrepancies. Many friends have already asked if they can buy matching shoes. “The idea is very novel to them,” he says, and many feel that “it’s hard to understand that shoes will be in completely different colors,” both “great” and “strange.” I added that.

Nevertheless, they are beautifully aggregated, and they are conduct Share the silhouette. Kostadinov has been a longtime collaborator of ASICSport and has partnered several times since 2018 to dominate the silhouette. The shoe is based on Asics’ GEL-Nimbus, uses the company’s Lazerbeam as an upper, and adds a velcro strap borrowed from the children’s version of Lazerbeam. “It gives us the idea of ​​making something playful, which is really important,” says Ng. “I’ve always liked the playful nature of trolls.” Collaboration was already underway before the pandemic, but they worked on the designs relatively separately, checking in with each other on a regular basis, and A material survey was conducted to find out how the mish mash feels to the wearer. Costa Dinov shoes are a bit more subdued than Ng shoes, and there is no humility in the use of Ng’s unlimited colors to balance the pair, but as Ng said, the creation of each shoe is “ultimate.” It was “improvisation”.

The most unusual collaboration in the history of recent sneakers

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