The most influential spreader of coronavirus false alarms online

Over the last decade, Dr. Mercola has promoted natural health care, disseminated vaccinations, and built vast businesses to benefit from all of them, researchers studying his network said. Told. In 2017, he filed an affidavit claiming that his net worth was “more than $ 100 million.”

And instead of directly stating that the vaccine doesn’t work online, Dr. Mercola’s posts often ask questions that point out their safety and discuss studies that other doctors have refuted. Facebook and Twitter allow some of his posts to be labeled with caution, and companies are having a hard time creating rules to remove nuanced posts.

“He was given a new life by social media. He uses it skillfully and ruthlessly to take people to his slaves,” said a digital hatred studying false information and hate speech. Imran Ahmed, director of the response center, said. The “Disinformation Dozen” report has been cited by Congressional hearings and the White House.

“It’s very unique to me that I’ve been nominated as the largest spreader of false information,” Dr. Mercola said in an email. Some of his Facebook posts were only liked by hundreds of people, so he said, “A relatively small number of stocks could cause such a disaster in Biden’s multi-billion dollar vaccination campaign. I didn’t understand.

Dr. Mercola accused the White House of being political and “illegal censorship in collusion with social media companies.”

He did not mention whether his coronavirus claim was true. “I am the lead author of a peer-reviewed publication on the risks of vitamin D and Covid-19 and have the right to inform the general public by sharing medical research,” he said. He did not identify the publication and the Times could not confirm his claim.

Dr. Mercola from Chicago started a small private practice In 1985 in Schaumburg, Illinois. In the 1990s he began the transition to natural health medicine and launched the main website to share treatments, treatments and advice. This site encourages people to “manage your health.”

The most influential spreader of coronavirus false alarms online

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