“The Lone Survivor” Marcus Luttrell condemns the collapse of Afghanistan: “Tells the White House man to pay attention”

Retired Navy seal Marcus Luttrell, author and subject of “Lone Survivor,” joined “Hannity” on Tuesday to respond to the worsening crisis in Afghanistan. Taliban mercy.

After a fierce 2005 clash with Taliban militants in Kunar, Afghanistan, Luttrell, the only surviving member of the SEAL Team 10 group, continued to work with host Sean Hannity on extraction by President Biden. Said that. Colonel Oliver North, Ret. , To his pointed out remarks about the account early in the time.

“We fought hard there for a long time … when bin Laden came down to his kitchen, found Rob O’Neill and the rest of the boys, and put a bullet in his eyes. Finished. We went to nation-building to hand it over, “he said.

“I heard Colonel North fired. He made a great point. When I saw the Taliban walking down the street with all our equipment and walking, when I was watching it You can see what it is. Someone trained in the way they carry themselves, many of it [Afghan] army. And how fast it falls and how it falls in 11 days, it also requires the will of the people. “

Luttrell predicts that the sudden gradual collapse of the country’s state into the Taliban is the result of some Afghans simply getting bored of the 20-year conflict and “wanting to change something.” did.

Focusing on the handling of withdrawal efforts by Biden and his administration, Houston’s native species are what to do in the worst case at Hamid Karzai International Airport, the only place where U.S. forces remain. Dismissed the allegations by the US authorities.

“Man, the contingency was already written. Tell the man in the White House to pay attention: you deliver this to the president; you come in;” the contingency at the airport There’s a big binder that says “things”-you open it, there’s one page there, [which] There is a coat of arms and a gold letter that says “Rangers”. “

“That’s what they do. It’s their profession, they’re doing it very well, the words can’t even explain. If you loosen them, they’ll do it in minutes. Shut down and make it safe, “Luttrell added.

He said Biden had so far failed in his strategy because the US Army Ranger Corps he hinted at is now in the state. ..

“The fact that they aren’t even there is amazing to me,” he said of the Rangers. “Buried in a hole over there, waiting for them to pick me up. I know how important it is just to see the American flag … just to get back here, people Falling from the side of the plane. All I wanted to do while I was there was to come back here and back to all of you, and as long as I was standing, I had the flag I knew I was standing, and someone would be happy to show the flag, that’s hope. “

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Luttrell further criticized the White House, claiming that substantive “negotiations” with the Taliban were underway.

“”[Y]You don’t have to ask the Taliban for permission: Anyone who says they are coordinating or talking to the Taliban at the airport means that someone is talking to the Gateguard-they are what we are Don’t you care? I think. “

“They are worried about securing what they have taken over. They will focus on it. We need to focus on getting our people back. That’s America. : Every time you raise a flag and are recognized as an American, every time you see the flag, it’s here. In case of trouble, we’ll pick you up away from home. Is a transaction. “

“The Lone Survivor” Marcus Luttrell condemns the collapse of Afghanistan: “Tells the White House man to pay attention”

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