The local police station will soon send you a text ticket for the driver’s traffic ticket

Through a reliable driver program, registered drivers can avoid being pulled by the police for minor traffic violations.

Windcrest, Texas — This is an unprecedented concept and is about to happen in Bexar County. A policeman will send you a traffic ticket to your cell phone without pulling you. The first police station in the country will test it.

“This isn’t a 100% solution, but it’s a step in the right direction,” said Val Garcia, President and CEO of the Trusted Driver Program.

Garcia is one of five former SAPD executives who are part of a team of 12 members who created and developed the Trusted Driver.

“We are still proud to be able to give back what we have gained from our experience as law enforcement officers,” Garcia said.

All members of a team with a law enforcement background come from different sectors.

“At the patrol level, there are individuals who spend time investigating. There are individuals who spend time on such types of units, including tactics and how police officers deal with specific situations,” Garcia explained. .. “Most importantly, there are individuals on the eastern side of the town who have spent their careers as SAFFE officers.”

A trusted driver is not an app.

This is a web-based program that allows drivers to avoid meeting police officers in person and instead get tickets by text message.

“Minimizing these interactions just for minor traffic violations gives us more time to focus on serious crimes such as drunk driving, reckless driving, and racing on the road,” Garcia said. I am.

To get started, you need to enroll in the program at mytrusteddriver.com. Enter the information on the trusted driver website to create a profile. Include any disability or medical condition that the police need to know. All information provided is secure and encrypted. We do not share information with third parties.

“If you are deaf, you have a medical condition such as PTSD, autism, diabetes or disability, but you are allowed to drive,” Garcia said. “This will allow us to handle traffic outages and de-escalate in the event of actual on-site police information.”

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After registering as a trusted driver, police will not turn on their lights and pull you whenever you commit a minor traffic violation.

Instead, a police officer runs the license plate, confirms that you are the driver, calls for trusted driver information, and sends a text containing a warning or quote to your cell phone.

“Mobile phones must be hands-free and attached to the car, and traffic regulations allow us to respond to notifications like an amber alert,” Garcia said.

For citizens who wish to challenge their tickets, all proceedings can be processed in virtually the same way through the program. Reliable drivers are free and citizens can opt out at any time.

The program started with the Windcrest Police and is currently only available to drivers who live there.

“We are very proud … we hope there will be a lot of participation,” said Captain Jimmy Cole of the Windcrest Police Department. “I believe it will probably spread nationwide.”

This is a historic collaboration aimed at improving the safety of civilian and police roads while limiting the anxious interactions of being pulled.

“Traffic violations aren’t one of the interactions most citizens want to do with the police, which makes traffic violations out of the equation,” Cole said. “It also gives our officers the opportunity to interact with members of a trusted driver who does not issue quotes.” Whenever you want to take care of it, you have a taillight. “

Police can also send a positive message to drivers who are doing a good job in compliance with traffic laws through the Trusted Driver.

The program will start on Saturday at Windcrest and is expected to eventually extend to other cities.

If you are interested in reliable driver details and registration, Windcrest Police and program developers will meet at the Civic Center in Takas Park on Saturday, January 15th at 11:30 am. Food and door prizes will be offered.

The local police station will soon send you a text ticket for the driver’s traffic ticket

Source link The local police station will soon send you a text ticket for the driver’s traffic ticket

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