The Justice League Snyder Cut is a Warner Bros. gambling.

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The long-awaited 4-hour director’s cut “Justice League” arrived at HBO Max on Thursday.

Snyder cuts, assembled from hours of unused footage and cut with newly shot scenes, are an anomaly in the entertainment industry. Backed by years of fan-led social media campaigns, Zack Snyder had a second chance to create his version of “Justice League.”

AT & T-owned WarnerMedia saw Snyder’s officially cut ardent crusade as a way to soothe enthusiasts and pack exclusive content into streaming service HBO Max.

However, the risk is that the Justice League may not be able to repay the dividends required by WarnerMedia. This movie sets up a sequel that DC fans can never see. This means that even with successful March subscriber acquisition, streaming services are unlikely to keep new DC-related content new. Sign up around.

Initial estimates fixed the price of Snyder’s second take from $ 20 million to $ 30 million, as many of the computer-generated images were incomplete. However, recent estimates suggest that WarnerMedia may have invested more than $ 70 million in the project as Snyder recalled several actors to shoot new material. It’s unclear if that number includes marketing spending.

WarnerMedia declined to comment on the financial terms of the project.

According to media and streaming analyst Dan Rayburn, the cost is justified if WarnerMedia uses the film to acquire subscribers and encourage current subscribers to stay in service. It is said that there is a possibility that it will be transformed.

The HBO Max platform has several high-profile releases in March and early April. “Godzilla v. Kong” will appear on March 31st, and “Mortal Kombat” will be released on April 16th. Each spends about a month on HBO Max before heading to Video on Demand for a rental fee.

This strategy of having a consistent and stable stream of new content helps maintain subscribers.

And there are fans. Snyder and DC Films president Walter Hamada said the updated Justice League wouldn’t spawn spin-offs or set sequels automatically, but the film says Warner Bros. will regain goodwill. Make it possible.

fan service

Eric Davis, Editor-in-Chief of Fundango, said:

Davis, who was able to see the new “Justice League” prior to its launch on HBO Max, said Snydercut was “a much better version of the movie.”

Snydercut basically removes co-writer and co-director Joss Whedon from the film. After executives barked at Snyder’s first movie cut, Whedon was aboard the ship and took over when Snyder left the project after his daughter’s death.

Weddon slimmed down Snyder’s 214-minute cut and imbued Warner Bros. with some moments he wanted to mimic the successful comedy style of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Weddon’s version changed much of Snyder’s work, so fans shouted to see the director’s cut of “Justice League,” believing it was the purest version of the movie. In May 2020, WarnerMedia gave them hope and invested to revive Snyder.

Ezra Miller, Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot starring in the “Justice League”.

Source: Warner Brothers

Fans will finally be pleased with Snyder’s cut, but Warner Bros. has major drawbacks. This movie will be released.

When Snyder was developing the Justice League more than five years ago, the DC Extended Universe was expected to continue to expand with this cast in the same way that the MCU deployed. Solo movies will be team-up movies together. Ben Affleck was supposed to have his own independent function, and Snyder was already talking about the sequel to the “Justice League.”

But that plan is completely different in 2021. All cameos and setups for Snyder’s movie cuts will never be seen by DC fans.

Affleck may be attached to the next “flash” movie, but it’s unclear if he will wear a cowl in subsequent DC projects. Needless to say, Warner Bros. is already working on a new Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson. It is not connected to any of the previous movies released by the studio.

When it comes to Superman, Henry Cavill is still obsessed with the role, but it’s not clear when and where the character will appear next.

And Ray Fisher, who played the cyborg, has a worn-out relationship with the studio. The actor accused Weddon of being harassed and was investigated. Fisher also said tough about Hamada, the head of DC. He claimed to have helped him enable Weddon’s actions.

As a result, Fisher states that he will not participate in movies related to Hamada. Therefore, Warner Bros. needs to recast the role if they want to put the cyborg back into the fold for a team-up flick.

Warner Bros. ‘The decision to fund and release this new’Justice League’may appease fans, but it doesn’t promote the franchise film world.

Disney, which owns Marvel, used the streaming service Disney + to expand its theatrical release. Programs such as “WandaVision,” “Falcon & Winter Soldier,” and “Loki” are all directly related to the MCU and must be watched to understand all the nuances of upcoming feature films.

Snyder Cut doesn’t do that. It exists in a vacuum.

HBO Max enhancements

When it comes to the hope that fans will come to HBO Max to watch the movie and increase the number of subscribers, what matters is the longevity of their interest.

“Is it a good business? Maybe,” said Sean Robins, chief analyst at “As a one-off release, the movie may temporarily increase HBO Max subscriptions, but streamers are the most powerful of the episodic and weekly content, with casual consumers after a buzz. I’ll be back because of the turmoil. “

Robins said “Justice League” is a niche movie and viewer demographics distort young people and men. So while it can attract DC fans, it may not move the subscription sign-up needle altogether unless you’re attracted to other HBO Max content.

Ray Fisher will star as a cyborg in the “Justice League”.

Source: Warner Brothers

“Justice League alone may not be the answer to the company’s future needs, especially as the DC brand has already begun to move creatively in other directions, but it may succeed as a symbolic Valentine for fans. I don’t know, “Robbins said.

AT & T seems confident in HBO Max. Last week, the company raised its HBO Max and HBO subscriber forecasts to the range of 120 million to 150 million by the end of 2025.

In October 2019, the company set a goal of reaching 50 million US subscribers by 2025. This is relatively low, considering that premium cable channel HBO already had about 33 million subscribers before the launch of the streaming service.

Still, it seems that he missed a bit of the opportunity to release “Justice League” before HBO Max expanded globally. The platform will be released in about 60 markets outside the United States this year, with a low-priced version with ads in June. The Justice League has won most of the $ 658 million in international ticket sales. The US box office revenue was only $ 230 million.

WarnerMedia could have easily used the “Justice League” as a temptation for an international launch. Instead, the high-resolution state-streamed movie could be the choice of international digital pirates.

Disclosure: Comcast The parent company of NBCUniversal and CNBC. NBC Universal owns Fandango and Rotten Tomatoes.

The Justice League Snyder Cut is a Warner Bros. gambling.

Source link The Justice League Snyder Cut is a Warner Bros. gambling.

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