The “holidays” of these people are coming this week

San Antonio – Juneteenth and Father’s Day are behind us, and the July 4th holiday is still a few weeks away, but don’t worry. There are still reasons to celebrate this week. In fact, there are “holidays” almost every day, and you can celebrate from onion rings to sunglasses. And if you’re looking for a place to celebrate around San Antonio, we’ll cover you.

National Selfie Day has been celebrated on June 21st every year since 2014. The day was created by a DJ named Rick McNeely in Arlington. Did you know that photographer Robert Cornelius took his first official selfie in 1839, long before social media and smartphones appeared? Handheld devices make the process much easier. Celebrating this day isn’t too difficult, so take some more selfies in the bathroom than usual. However, if you want to spice up your background, the ultimate selfies in San Antonio include the Hopscotch Museum, a downtown spot, and the selfie box in the south of the town.


Why settle for a regular burger and french fries combo? The origin of this National Foundation Day is unknown, but June 22nd is the time of the brilliance of onion rings. Order alone or combine burgers and sandwiches with the sides of the onion rings to celebrate. Here are some spots around Alamo City where you can get onion rings for the day: Cheese Jane, Tycoon Flats, San Antonio Burger.

Miryam Roddy has created a National Handshake Day to encourage professional development. The pandemic messed up the handshake for a year, leaving a greeting on the waves and the ridges of the elbows. Now life is slowly returning to normal and the handshake is back. Family and friends may be your best option, as you may not want to hold the hand of everyone you meet on this day. (And follow up with some hand disinfectants.)


Take your favorite furry friend to work with you on Friday. Even if you’re the only one who brought a dog at work, you can tell your boss that’s a good reason. This holiday was created by Pet Sitters International to promote the adoption of pets.

Think of Summersgiving as Summer Thanksgiving. Summer solstice is the day after the summer solstice and combines multiple holidays and traditions, including Thanksgiving and summer barbecues. Invite your friends and family to a summer giving party and take the time to reflect on your gratitude.

Sunglasses have more purpose than looking good. Sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun. Held annually on June 27th, this day advocates the importance of protective shades to protect the eyes from UV rays. As the heat of Texas and the summer sun get stronger, this is when sunglasses come in handy. Get the latest forecasts online to see if you need these shades on Sunday.



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The “holidays” of these people are coming this week

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