The history behind San Angelo’s infamous sheep

San Angelo has over 110 unique sheep, each painted by a local artist.

SAN ANGELO, Texas – Have you ever seen the unique sheep in San Angelo? There is a special history behind them that many do not know.

These sheep came about when Downtown San Angelo Inc.’s campaign committee needed an idea to raise money for the organization. They then came up with the idea of ​​displaying fiberglass sheep in front of organizations to express San Angelo’s heritage. It is now known as the Great Sheep Project.

The history of sheep in San Angelo dates back to when the city was once known as the Wool Capital of the World.

San Angelo hosted the Miss Wool pageant from 1952 to 1972. Instead of reviving the competition, Downtown San Angelo Assistant Director Ashley Perales said a better concept would be to use a sheep to sponsor local businesses.

“The Sheep Spectacular was a really great fundraiser, not only for the organization but also helping the community see our history. Each sheep has its own personality and they are created with your name “ewes”. This is a term used for a female sheep, again associated with the Miss Wool Pageant.

There are more than 110 special sheep spread across San Angelo, and Velocity Tire revealed their sheep on Monday.

Local artists design each one to make these sheep look special. Perales said he likes to display his artwork for the public to see.

“So this is my third. I actually have two in the process so by the end of the week I will have a total of five. But I loved doing it. It sounds like someone who screams Texas. I think it represents Texas and San Angelo very well. It promotes the business and also promotes the local artist. I love that they chose locals to showcase our work,” said Perales.

To help locals and tourists find these historic sheep in San Angelo, San Angelo is creating a map to help them find these distinctive sheep throughout the Concho Valley in downtown San Angelo.

If you’re interested in joining the Awesome Sheep Project and owning a sheep outside of your business, or if you’re an artist interested in painting sheep, visit the Downtown San Angelo project to apply.

The history behind San Angelo’s infamous sheep

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