The Green Room Ep. 7: Growing green isn’t easy

What’s it like being an artisanal cannabis grower trying to grow legal weed in California? There are probably as many different answers to this — and stories about — as there are cannabis farms throughout the Golden State. And one of those stories belongs to Lex Corwin, the 28-year-old founder and CEO of Stone Road Farms, a brand headquartered in Venice, steps from the Pacific Ocean and a cluster of greenhouses 400 miles north on a remote Nevada hillside City, California.

It’s to this latter location that I hiked with the Green Room video crew in September for a tour of Corwin’s 57-acre property, the centerpiece of which is a biodynamic, off-grid grow facility that uses water from the ground beneath sunshine from the sky to turn out using month-old seedlings to make towering potted plants first, and then jars of fragrant buds and packs of pre-rolled joints.

Our visit also included an open discussion about the challenges – regulatory and otherwise – facing California pot farmers, what it’s like to run a queer-owned cannabis brand, and a look at Corwin’s plans for the future of his Weed-in-the -wilderness spread; a future that includes a range of experience rentals and wine country-style cannatourism. (It’s worth noting that while many of the state’s small cannabis companies face many of the same hurdles as Corwin’s now six-year-old company, his access to some capital — through investments from friends and family — has put him in a better position from the starting gate than most trying to contest the windmills of California’s regulatory landscape.)

While there is still a long way to go before Stone Road Farms opens up to the cannabis-seeking public, you can already take a virtual visit by simply watching Episode 7 of The Times’ new video series, which focuses on the California cannabis trade and the Cannabis culture focused. Check out our first six episodes at, which include a session with ’60s music icon David Crosby, a try at stoned yoga, and a guide to low-dose cannabis options.

The Green Room Ep. 7: Growing green isn’t easy

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