The first part of “Yellowstone” begins shooting at Fort Worth Stockyard

Since forming the Film Commission, the city has been recruiting several major projects and hopes that more will continue.

Fortworth, Texas — There wasn’t much to see on the corner of Northwest 25th Street and North Houston Street in Fortworth, but it never stopped spectators from coming to see for hours.

“I took three or four pictures,” said Donna Johnson. “I think it’s really cool.”

The intersection in Fort Worth’s Stockyards area and several blocks around it were blocked and transformed to film the new Paramount Plus show “Y1883,” the predecessor of the hugely successful “Yellowstone” series starring Kevin Costner. I did.

The cast of “Y1883” includes Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Sam Elliott.

“I think they chose the best place to shoot some of their scenes,” Johnson said. “I think it’s great for the economy.”

“We like to talk about the financial implications, but there really is something in the magic of the film,” said Mitch Whitten, COO of Visit Fort Worth.

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According to Witten, more than 700 people are working on “Y1883” and the city is collecting more works using different backgrounds.

“There was a lot of positive feedback that the right place for our movie made a big difference,” Witten said. “Five years ago, we didn’t have a film commission. We said we wanted to invite people here to make movies, make commercials, and bring in TV shows.”

The movie “12 Mighty Orphans,” starring Luke Wilson, Robert Duvall and Vinessa Shaw, was released this summer and was also filmed in Fort Worth.

It was teased, but there may be another major local project on the horizon.

“This was a Fort Worth story created here in Fort Worth. I’m very excited about the possibility of a future Fort Worth story appearing on the screen,” he said.

Regina Green and Albert Arnold got out of Wichita Falls and saw the “Y1883” set.

“We’re probably standing in this corner for an hour,” Arnold said. “Two weeks ago we were here and they were building the streets and everything. Today we are back to see what they did.”

“I’m confident that we have a lot of great business for Fort Worth, and I wish we could get closer,” Johnson said.

According to Witten, the impact of the project was $ 50 million, but the real benefit to people living in and around Fortworth may be the strange excitement that surrounds them.

“It creates a lot of talk,” Witten said. “After all, we love to talk about Fort Worth.”

The first part of “Yellowstone” begins shooting at Fort Worth Stockyard

Source link The first part of “Yellowstone” begins shooting at Fort Worth Stockyard

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