The first NFL playoff game with active LGBTQ + players is an important milestone | Las Vegas Raiders

MeIt’s no exaggeration to say that the world was in the spotlight when Karl Nashib became the first active player to appear gay on the NFL’s roster. Some saw it in shock, but most were supported. Still, for many of us, including myself, there was something deep behind our careful gaze beyond the celebration of the announcement breaking his barriers.

A few weeks after the first media boom, it looked like a business as usual to the Las Vegas Raiders and the entire sports world. Only Karl himself will know how his announcement changed the scale of acceptance and prejudice between his locker room, the field, and his peers and fans. As an NFL veteran, I know that most teams experience collective obstacles, distractions, and difficult times, and off-field issues and events can impact on-field performance. But after last Sunday’s playoff clinch performance, Karl can proudly say that Karl’s appearance wasn’t one of those things for the Raiders.

If anything, the focus of the Las Vegas Raiders is Improvement After finding out that one of their team leaders is a proud gay man. Nashib’s appearance preceded the extreme backlash from the surfaced email of team head coach Jon Gruden. Gruden’s email used racist, misogynistic, homosexual and hate speech. Still, the Raiders gathered together and interim head coach Rich Visatch kept pushing because he was happy to know that he was the coach of a special team in Dallas.

Even when team star receiver Henry Ragus was charged with drunk driving and resulted in the tragic death of a young woman, they rushed. After adding these huge tragedy and turmoil to all the other things the team faces during the season, including injuries, players who violate team and drug policies, trades, cuts, etc., in this pandemic. It turns out that the least worry of the team was eventually one of their players who was honest about who he was.

“Carl Nassib proves that participation doesn’t get in the way of the team or the game, but if the team can accept and support the players, it can be a big win.” Photo: Ethan Miller / Getty Images

In other words, the Las Vegas Raiders will return to the playoffs for the first time in 19 years, with gay players openly on the roster. Contrary to what has been claimed over the years, Carl Nassib proves that participation is not an obstacle to the team or the game, and that if the team can accept and support the players, they can win big. I am. LGBTQ + athletes, fans and individuals can now see the Raiders represented not only on Sundays playing on their local channels, but also on the national stage of the NFL Playoffs. Regardless of the results of the Wildcard weekend Raiders, it is imperative to record this moment of history, the first moment of every year the game is played. Whether Karl and the Raiders will be Super Bowl champions is not an issue, as for the first time closed athletes, out athletes, LGBTQ + sports fans, and people can see that it is possible.

This weekend, the first playoff game with active LGBTQ + players will take place. Looking to the future, it’s very thrilling to know that one day a queer player with a Super Bowl Ring will appear. It is important to mark these milestones and keep moving forward. Especially now that it’s no longer a matter of when.

The first NFL playoff game with active LGBTQ + players is an important milestone | Las Vegas Raiders

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