The first big New Orleans parade since the pandemic: Krewe of Boo

New Orleans – Parade-loving New Orleans is trying to regain that gap.

More than a year after the coronavirus ended most of the parade, the pandemic put an end to such frivolity, and an assortment of witches, goblins, and other masked creatures was on Saturday night in the city. You will be taken to the first float parade.

The Krewe of Boo is a Halloween-themed parade that runs from the city’s Marigny district through the French Quarter to the warehouse district. Float riders wear Halloween-themed outfits and throw gorgeous and fun trinkets and beads at the crowds that fill the streets. Parades usually feature marching bands and dances scattered between the floats.

However, the last time such a parade passed through the streets of the city was Mardi Gras 2020. This was highly appreciated for helping the city become an early hotspot for the coronavirus. The parade and music festival were canceled once the degree and severity of the pandemic became apparent.


A successful Halloween-themed Boo crew parade, with the increase in COVID-19 infections, Mayor LaToya Cantrell revives the gorgeous Mardi Gras procession that fills the streets of the city every year. It will strengthen the tentative plan to let it. Celebration before Lent.

“This is a step towards the resurgence of Mardi Gras next spring,” Cantrell said in a Twitter post released in September that he could proceed with the Boo crew parade. “What happens next depends on what we are doing now !!”

On Friday, the mayor made her strongest comment that a major parade will be held again with the annual celebration, unless there is a “dramatic deterioration in COVID numbers” that Mardi Gras will move forward next year.

As part of the Krewe of Boo safety measures on Saturday, riders and members of the marching group must be vaccinated or prove to have a negative COVID-19 test.


Health officials will also conduct investigations to better understand the coronavirus that spreads in large gatherings during the parade. Approximately 40 health staff and volunteers will participate in the parade route to support surveys and distribution of goods bags to participants. In line with the Halloween theme, all 40 will be dressed as Dr. Anthony Fauci, a White House adviser and federal pandemic face.

Boo’s crew was abandoned last year, and this year’s Mardi Gras was a calm event with no parades and almost no empty French Quarter. As vaccinations became more widespread and infections diminished, the city began to relax restrictions on its limited capacity in restaurants and music venues. As one of the final stages of deregulation, officials announced in May that they would begin accepting applications for small queues called parades and second-line parades.


The rise of the Delta Variant, which filled hospitals throughout the state in the summer, questioned the feasibility of a parade that would reopen primarily after the hot summer months were over. But in September, Cantrell announced that Boo’s crew would be allowed to parade. She appreciated the work done by the population to slow the spread of the delta variant.

The city will also test during the parade.

“Tests, vaccines and masking have been shown to stop the spread of the virus, and we are confident that continuing these mitigations will lead to a successful major event in the future,” said the city. Dr. Jennifer Avegno, Chief Health Official, said. Said in a news release.


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The first big New Orleans parade since the pandemic: Krewe of Boo

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